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Large Harvest From the 100% Indoor Organic Garden

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It was our first harvest from the organic indoor square foot garden and it was a big one! We will be making a nice healthy salad with these greens and they will be a welcome addition from the lack of fresh home grown produce.

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Jennifer Elsaesser says:

What a great indoor garden. I love walking out of our garden w dinner. I grow microgreens indoors. Mostly lettuce and pepper cress. Then come February we start the seedlings. Right now we are in a mad rush here in Maine to plant our garlic. October 15th is our garlic planting date.

Phyllis White says:

Luke, I have brought in my first strawberry runner and potted it inside. Now I’m interested in more.

Ivan Garcia says:

Where is the weed at? lol

Alan McLean says:

How long per day are the grow lights on

john izmirlian says:

How did you make your grow bed and what is the depth of it?

Matt McGhee says:

thanks for the inspiration

Eric says:

Thank you. I've been doing a lot of research lately and I've never grown anything before. I think your system is the closest to the ideal I want to shoot for. One little step at a time.

Greenly Rooted says:

Hi Luke, i began watching today, started in your unpainted room, and I am confused:
1. what happened to the walls? they look like you removed the walls and painted the (bare) cinder blocks?
2. what happened to the DWC deep water culture, Kratky Method? the beds look the same save for the medium.
The youtube vids were progressing in a linear mode I thought until, BAM, your grow beds are now a sailfish substrate.

D J Wizard says:

the soul has no price, it fills your soul with pleasure

Cherokee Rose says:

That came out amazing..


best organic gardening tips video!

Sykes Outdoor Services says:

You could position your lights a LOT closer and get faster results. Hold your hand just above the tops of the the plants as long as it is not obviously warm from the light (keep the lights atleast 4-6 inches away) you're good. With artificial lighting the lumen count of the light drops off dramatically over a matter of 6-12 inches. It does not penetrate like Sunlight does. If you use HPS bulbs then it fixes the problem but creates one of heat and power usage…

VJodie ! says:

Luke. can you do another vid about what to do with squash after harvest

Jack Bird says:

question what does organic mean?

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