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Lessons We Learned from Buying a Eco-Friendly House (BEYOND zero waste)

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Delilah says:

Are you vegan?

RottenProduce says:

I know people with front and back yards who have them full of local plants and lots of local wildlife comes. I currently live in a very small apartment in a building with 8 units. Both of these seem more environmentally friendly than a suburban duplex. Your logic is trash/excuses.

RottenProduce says:

Um, your suburban yard in a development isn't a good use of land. Also, you don't have any local plants or anything of that nature–everything is the same green grass. If that video is where you live, it's the opposite of sustainable living.

Ashley Tewksbury says:

Great timing as I'm currently house shopping! Definitely want to check out Swell investing. Speaking of the carpets/rugs, any suggestions for more sustainable materials and brands?

DimaRakesah says:

My husband and I would love and Earth Ship house, but we don't have the funds to build a house. 🙁

Melissa Phillips says:

I loved this video. Thanks so much!

Dani Heart says:

I think it’s really sad how it’s cheaper to replace something than it is to fix it.

SubtleFire says:

That giant snake plant is love! And I love this since I'm starting to save for a house down payment specifically so I can use the land for trees and a food garden, so I'd love to hear more! Also curious if there is another eco-conscious company like Swell? I got into them thanks to you but now they are closing. 🙁

lexisdancis says:

This topic is so sexy to me. Thank you!!

Hilary Storey says:

Lame Swell is only for US people:( I want something like this in Australia

Frea says:

Is the blog post about the sustainable house appliances up yet?

Callum Reilly says:

Love what you are doing!

Amber Zickefoose says:

Flood zones, ugh…. I live in NE Oklahoma. Enough said… google it.

Stacy Todorovic says:

Wow. You are amazing. You are the zero waste you tuber I was looking for!!❤️❤️

Shannyn C says:

I just bought a new house!! I need you to do a video on how to furnish it the best way possible without necessarily doing everything via thrift and second hand LOL
Like what's an eco friendly affordable matress that I can find in CANADA. ( I was interested in avocado? But they are only US)
I need rugs etc, and I dont really understand how to go about assessing things for how green they are… ) save me! LOL


naturegirl321 says:

I’d rather have a smaller one story home since they’re handicapped accessible.

Daisy M. says:

Imperfect Produce doesn't serve my area 🙁

Starla Fernandes says:

You're right. It's not the sexiest topic to talk about. Your house is beautiful from what I've seen, but it looks brand new! Did you buy a new build?

Kristina Holt says:

I love the additional info. You really start to get bored with low waste after 50 videos about reusable straws (especially when you’ve had some for two years now)…

Got a microwave that’s 15-20 years old. It’s been with me through 5 moves and the worst it’s done (just two months ago) is the light inside broke while it’s spinning. Amazing the changes in obsolescence just over the last 20 years…

Kay Walters says:

You talked about Swell investing but what about the Aspiration debit card? It's the only atm fee free, fossil free, charity giving bank out there.

Kate the Great says:

I would love to hear more about this topic. Make more parts to this series!

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