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living an eco-friendly day *island edition*

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living an eco-friendly day *island edition* vlog. I had SO much fun filming this video! I participated in a hawaii beach cleanup and showed you guys some brands I support! t’s made me so much more inspired to do even the little things more often, whether it’s pick up trash off the ground if I see it or bring my cup everywhere. Little things add up to be big things! Also shoutout to Hailey Sani for this amazing video idea! xoxo

4Ocean: https://4ocean.com/
SandCloud: https://www.sandcloud.com/
Watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wthTmQHmuZ0

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Aloha, it’s Ava Jules & welcome to my YouTube channel! I post beauty & lifestyle videos and vlog! I’m currently in my senior year of high school and I’m from Oahu, Hawaii. Subscribe if you want to become apart of our ohana! See you soon 😉


Ava Jules says:

MY MERCH IS OUT 💗 shop here: https://avajules.com

Also… this is exactly what I meant by people nitpicking every single thing I do. Of course I’m going to go on airplanes. I live on an island where the closest land is 5 hours away by plane. It’s weird I feel like people expect me to swim there or something? And yes I drove to the beach cleanup but it’s NOT realistic to expect people to stop driving at all. like I said in the video, I can’t be perfect. Please don’t expect me to be because chances are neither is anyone else.

Chloe Benjamin says:

And btw I found 4oceon through you and I really love their cause and I think it’s so amazing what an impact they make😊

Chloe Benjamin says:

I think it’s so good that these influencers are spreading the word about being eco-friendly and saving the planet. Ava I think if you can get your other influencer friends to make videos about it, it will raise the awareness so people can help the cause☺️

P.s. love you ❤️

Emily Lenhart says:

*Starbucks and many other coffee chains buy their coffee from CONVENTIONAL coffee farms and not ECOLOGICAL or ORGANIC farms* look up green communities and their goals:)

Manal Sharif says:

I love how you use your platform to inform people how we destroy our environment on an everyday basis unconsciously and share simple ways that we can do to help our environment and make us more grateful. I love you💖

F L E U R says:

🐋🐠🌱🌿💐🌺🍄🌸🌼🌻🌞🌙🌘🌏⚡️🌟💫❄️🌊 I LOVE YOUUU

Sadie Wilton says:


Loren Gomez says:

you guys are cute

Loren Gomez says:

i love seeing you happy with your best friend Conner… WE ALL NEED A CONNER 😭💕

Ashlyn Prendiz says:

what's the name of the song played with you and ellie?

J L says:

What’s the name of that box? Soo cute!!

Ruth Zamora says:

Ordered a dolphin bracelet from 4oceans and could not be more exited !! 🌊🐬 💗🙌🏽 I love that you care and put effort in to this incredible earth we are blessed to have

Ashlee's World says:


Kyky says:

we love an eco friendly sister!

Kyky says:


👇💙 ps I'm a small youtuber

Pranjali Barve says:

what is the song at 5:58 ?

Madison Torres says:

Hi Ava, the beach clean up inspired me to do one as well

Judyth Pelayo says:

Just uploaded a new video I hope anyone can support and check it out 💞💞 https://youtu.be/fV6DNakbXv4

Lizz S says:

my favorite youtuber to watch at 2am when i’m sad. 💘💘

rasha everest says:

ava: we're gonna eat
visits lush
buy lush

Jessica Kruger says:

IM CRYING 😭😭 the world deserves more people like you ava 💓🌺🌴

Meredith Dickinson says:

I think it would be great if you talked about some eco friendly clothing brands:)

Deven Aragon says:

I went straight to 4ocean and bought my first bracelet. I bought the whale bracelet 🐋💙 I just recently visited hawaii and the ocean there is so beautiful.. everytime I saw trash on the beach I picked it up in hopes of doing something for the environment.. thank you ava for introducing me to this cool foundation! it’s a really good feeling when you do good with your money 😊

Stephanie B says:

No one will see this comment but if you do there is a documentary on YouTube called “50 minutes to save the world” by Amir zakeri and it is about coral and ocean protection and 100% worth watching ‼️‼️

Arianna Schmidt says:


lexa says:


Sydney Michelle says:

can we have a updated summer makeup routine

Lotta de Beer says:

I thought it is important to split different kinds of waste. I live in the Netherlands, and (not everyone but) most people split their waste. We put the uneatable parts fruit/vegetables together, as well as plastics and paper. And like you can guess, we throw plastics in plastic, paper in paper boxes, etc. So that it can be recycled. Ava and the organization did the right thing.

Olyvia Fleming says:

Yasssss you will forever be my queen for this!!!

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