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Living off the grid in Australia

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Jill Redwood has lived a remarkable life. As one of the original alternative lifestyle’ pioneers to move to Goongerah in remote East Gippsland over 30 years ago, she has devoted her life to saving the local forests and environment more generally.

A Jill of all trades, Jill built her own house on her property and lives entirely off the grid with no mains power or town water, mobile reception or television. Living on around $80 a week, Jill has over sixty animals to keep her company and an abundant garden that out serves as an organic supermarket right at her doorstep. Her main expenses are animal feed and the rates on her property.

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John Douglas says:

over 25 million people in Australia, 98% of the land doesn't have a river running through it for water, or green like that, it's dry unforgiving land you cant' grow on without that big industrial machine she so hates, it's nice that she's happy, but, it's simply not feasible for 99.9+ percent of the population.
she is amazingly privileged to be at an age and having led a life that afforded her the chance to have that land and that life style.
good on her for doing it, but, it's not even an option for most.
and she's stuffed when she can no longer support herself due to age, what's she going to do then? why, rely on this big industrial machine of course.


Goals…Much better than 500 square metre block with increasing utility rates. Bless you.

Chill Mix says:

chook = chicken

dunny = toilet

Vegemite = an 'acquired taste' and treat that's super popular in Australia!

makka y says:

In Australia you are never off the grid…Council rates@land taxes are compulsary.

mark wilton says:

Thanks for putting this up for us all to see. This is good stuff. Top part of the world.

Lorenzo Valla says:

Good on you!!

pippaknuckle says:

I'm so jealous of you.

warnfuck says:

Oh btw I’m rich

Sarah Augustine says:

Bless you Jill and bless your life free of the garbage most of us have to sort through. You have it right.

Igmu Tu says:

onya jill beautiful spot……..u could put a small generator on your waterwheel for a little more power ……..i have some very good info on battery tech that im sure your not aware of that will help the life of you batterybank on your solar setup if u wish staywell

jay steve says:

ABC losers leave the comments open on this one,! Btw privilege rap was something we will always remember as the video the gets you guys defunded lol

Chris Suave says:

So not disabling the comments on this one.

LAZY DOG says:

Now that's the life 🤠

Tradie Trev says:

Bless her heart.

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