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Low Cost, Eco-Friendly Aircrete Homes | Hajjar Gibran | TEDxSedona

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The high cost and vulnerability to the forces of nature make conventional stick houses foolish. The 3 little pigs taught us that in kindergarten. How about we build solid Aircrete brick homes that aren’t damaged by water or high winds? A fabric reinforced AirCrete dome home is much more durable yet costs only a small fraction of conventional housing.

The son of an inventor, Hajjar Gibran’s youth passed building tree houses, hot rods and tiny homes, and he was already a skilled designer & builder by the time he finished the engineering program at SDSU.

He built his first passive solar home in Nova Scotia, winning several awards from the Nova Scotia Design Council. While building The Gibran Center in Thailand, Hajjar developed an innovative way of building beautiful low cost AirCrete domes that has gained international recognition. Hajjar founded Domegaia in 2014 to answer the global demand for his innovative low cost housing designs. Visit him at Domegaia.com This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at https://www.ted.com/tedx


freeyesmaybe says:

the biggest plus is R factor….

Tom Robertson says:

Honeydew carpenter channel has developed a cheap foam machine (100) and is coming up with some innovative ideas

Smart Easy DIY says:

That’s really awesome! I’m building a pole barn house but I would love to do this sometime in the future with in floor pex tubing radiant heat for the cold north or just move somewheres warm if I can convince my wife. 😉

Kathy Coles says:

Great presentation Hajjar. The Mexican workshop will always remain a highlight of my LIFE! I am about to embark on building my first dome at home in the land down under WITH the blessing of council as a pilot project. WooHoo!

rhonnie lynn says:

Does aircrete work in cold climates with freezing and thawing? Can we do a test site in Michigan? From affordable housing to our crumbling roads we need this!

Oilstories says:

Montana needs this technology BADLY. Especially on the reservations.

E M says:

Wonderful! Thank you for your contribution. FYI: I did the 'egg test' it worked exactly as Hajar described!!!

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