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Man Living in a 10'x10' Tiny House & Homesteading in the City

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Rob Greenfield’s latest sustainable living project is to live in a DIY 100 ft² tiny house for two years while foraging and growing 100% of his own food in an urban area. You can follow more of Rob’s adventures in sustainable living on YouTube and on his website here:

We are thrilled to be featuring Rob on our channel, and we learned so much from him just with this one video collaboration. In addition to living in his tiny home, he’s figuring out how to create his own cooking fuel using a biodigester, he’s growing his own toilet paper, and he even makes his own sea salt.

He built the tiny house in the backyard of someone who was looking to live more sustainably. In exchange for a place to build the home, he created a rainwater collection system, an extensive garden on the front lawn, a bio digester and composting system, and more.

Obviously, we can’t all live like Rob is doing in this video (although it does look like a healthy, simple, and rewarding lifestyle), but we can get inspired to make positive changes in our own lives. Maybe start composting or eating more fresh food, creating less garbage, riding our bikes more, etc. That’s what we’re inspired to do after working on this video with him 🙂

We also want to say a huge thank you to Brandon Kari for filming this footage of Rob and his tiny house homestead for us. You can check out Brandon’s work on his website here:

Thanks for watching!

Mat & Danielle


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Filming Credits:
Brandon Kari Productions, BrandonKari.com

Additional footage of the Trash Me project and cycling across the USA provided by Rob Greenfield


Exploring Alternatives says:

Thanks for watching 🙂 To see more profiles of people who are homesteading, growing their own food, and trying to live more sustainbly, check out our playlist here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLslKBpzJILevrFOf3fqxx_hdktRauh19s

And be sure to check out Rob's videos about sustainable living here:

Mickey Rosa says:

I give Rob much respect for the kind of mindful living that he is doing. For me I couldn't do it but more power to the people who can. The most I do is recycle but anything is a start. I like his idea of bartering which is still a common system to use in exchange of services. This idea of caring about the planet should be everyone's priority even if it's small but we have some people on our planet who are too selfish to care about the earth we are on and worry about its future. According to scientists, we have at least 12 years to change things around due to climate change which encompasses many things. It's not just about weather but how we care for our planet. I live in NYC and we do a piss poor performance of taking care of our city. The trash, the wasteful of food, some people not recycling, not having the best water, how our beaches look and the amount of cars on the road. I wish we took a more less car approach like in Oregon. There's too much pollution here and we also had a Legionnaire's Disease scare and leptospirosis dilemma due to mice and rat infestation in our city. Our politicians haven't come up with a concrete solution for those problems. Our landfills are a disaster. I wish there was another way to get rid of trash completely instead of leaving on landfills. There's got to be a way to break down all trash so there will be no need for landfills which pollute the earth as well.

Gayle Walker says:

I do appreciate someone who lives very basic. You do still get so many benefits from the people that do work 40 hours and contributing from their taxes. So I struggle with when people get all these benefits without contributing. You are able to live in the city because you are piggybacking off someone who is not. Being able to plug in someone's electrical system. If there were not people working in the system you would not be plugging in an electric system. Or being able to collect more water because of a house.

gene978 says:

I don’t understand how he can have NO bills? As far as I know Property Tax is everywhere. Is he in someone’s yard?

Biff says:

The problem most people are going to run into is being "allowed" to do this.

jukes243 says:

Very interesting. Thanks.

Michael Livingston says:

The tiny home is on someone's property. That's not always possible for some people.

HuSia Cat says:

Love it all.

Mylar Emergency blankets are about $1.50 each, are 2x1m and make excellent cheap insulation and EMF protection. Should you ever need a cheap lightweight layer to add under the burlap. I have a safari tent. Mylar works !!

Kind regards to you. Inspirational.

Dianna Bowen says:

so who's land do you live on?

zzarkS says:

Worthy of the name Greenfield! Love this!

Caleb Read says:

So basically he lives like half of the world's population. A person living in the slums of India wouldn't understand why this is interesting…

newattnow says:

I love the toilet paper plant!!!!

J. Bar says:

Robs going to give us a full tour. 1 second later….

Amanda Nicole says:

What does he do during hurricanes

A.T. SickZ says:


Tammy Shea says:


Rayquon Elliott says:

knowledge is power

Keith Martell says:

Single for a reason

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