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Man Living in a Sustainable & Innovative Earthship Home – Full Tour

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Tour this beautiful, sustainable Earthship home in Ontario, Canada! Go to https://NordVPN.com/exploringalternatives and/or use code EXPLORINGALTERNATIVES to get 75% off a 3 year plan.  Protect yourself online today!

This 3-bedroom Earthship home has it all: 10kW of solar panels, rainwater collection cisterns, indoor gardens, a wood-fired boiler, and passive cooling tubes. It’s built with recycled tires, bottles and cans, and off-cuts from a log home builder.

After years of following the Earthship movement, Matt was able to take a course at the Earthship Academy with Michael Reynolds in New Mexico and then worked with Ted Elsasser to build his own passive solar home in Ontario, Canada.

To learn more about Matt’s build, check out his Collingwood Earthship blog:

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k8192 says:

Surely you are extremely EMBARRASSED to use the word "earthship". I know that I would be.

Robert Guenther says:

I don't get it…this a huge use of natural resources. How many whole logs, how many cubic yards of cement, how many acres of land were used? For how many people?

Why yes, I fart Rainbows! says:

1) What is the total square footage of this rad looking house, and …
2) How much was the build, in total?
THANKS for humouring me with responses, and have a nice day 🙂

Alexander Christlieb says:

When he said collecting rainwater I knew he was not in America Because collecting rainwater in America is illegal ( This country is sad)

Rutexas says:

I personally would rather have a spaceship and get out of this place, but evidently the Apollo "missions" were all staged…

KelMaster Construction says:

The windows, alone, probably cost more than my house, and that solar system likely costs about 1/3 to 1/2 of what my home is worth. I keep seeing these so called "earth ships", and they are usually these half a million dollar (or more) homes. I guess if you're rich, you can build yourself a mansion on some undeveloped land, reuse some tires, and still feel like your going green as you lay a much bigger footprint than the ordinary man that just reuses an entire used house. But as long as you think you are "green", as you build a brand spanking new home with all kinds of expensive gadgets, you theoretically are saving the planet. Gotta love capitalism, a.k.a consumerism, re-branded as an Earth-Day celebration.

One of the main reasons I bought a small existing house was to limit my material consumption, as the house was already built back in the early 1900's. Used tires or not, this house in the video used plenty of new materials. And when the solar system craps out, it will end up in the land fill with all the other consumer goods.

KoenraadII says:

Solar panels are so expensive in Canada/USA. We paid 25.000 usd for a 18,4 kwh solar set up including the installation with a crane and a comparable rack to hold the panels.

floyd harrison says:

But how much does it cost tho ?

ReallyOrganic says:

I wonder if he hooked up the solar panels in the right way so that they do not generate dirty electricity? He should get meters and test his house. Great place! 🙂

Dana Araujo says:

This is a stunner of an earth-ship house! I have seen some that aren’t as aesthetically pleasing BUT this is beyond beautiful! It is truly inspiring and one day I would love to build one. My question is would I have to study and take a course in NM with Mike Reynolds or could I hire someone who knows how to do earth ship homes? I’m guessing not many people know how to build one and by the looks of Matt’s garage you need to know what youre doing lol. Matt do you do this for a living? If so can you come plan/build mine in New Jersey lol no seriously 😊

Y B says:

I love the alternative ways the street traffic moves at 11:41 any 11:43

Y B says:

Amazing design, but it's the terminology like "Earth Ship" , "Truth Wall", etc that doesn't help with making these designs appealing to the affluent masses who can afford custom builds.

Gautam Rana says:

Why do I think you look like Billie Elish

edi says:

I see only one potential problem with the solar energy: if you need to wait 10 years to get the bills paid, then how much longer do the pannels last until they need to be repaired/replaced?

Alex H says:

awesome house!
1:47 are doors upside down in canada?

Devin C says:

Wants to be environmentally friendly. Burns wood. 🤦‍♂️

Devin C says:

Should have angled windows. Is the point of these houses is that you don’t need to heat them?

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