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Most Eco-Friendly Way to Leave Earth – Water Cremation

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Most environmental issues are caused by the living but have you ever considered the environmental impact of death? Alkaline hydrolysis, a greener alternative to burial or flame-based cremation, uses a combination of water and potassium hydroxide to decompose bodies. It doesn’t require burial space, uses 1/12 the energy of traditional cremation and doesn’t produce toxic gases or air pollutants. Motherboard spoke to Terry Regnier at Mayo Clinic to find out more about the process.

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Setsuna Marina says:

how about the chemicals used? that's not green.

Tooba Khan says:

Insted of using so much energy, bury them so everything become fertiliser, simple as we muslim do, not making grave permanent/solid like others do. No air, no water pollution simply goes to where it started 😍☺️

Hey There says:

This is what being pragmatic looks like.


You know what would be even more ecofirendly? just burry your body in straight dirt and plant a tree on top, great fertilizer.

Maximus says:

"There ain't no pretty way to go." Ain't that the truth.

Isaac Stephens says:

Just toss people into the ocean, its food for the fish.

Mac Dre says:

Reuse and artificial testicle?!? I’m good….

Jason M says:

So basically melted with hot lye. I'll pass.

SolPhoebusApollo says:

I love how white the bones are after the process. It looks like a sound alternative to me. Certainly faster than human composting and better for the environment than cremation by fire.


What about a sky burial? I always thought that was pretty eco friendly no matter how messed up it seems to some ppl

cebuanoguy says:

And the water gets recycled into the sewer system, then people are drinking that tap water? 😨🤢🤮

Luna Luna says:

i swear to god i was just thinking about this in the shower the other day

Georgia L says:

Just burying someone naked in the ground isn’t more green & eco friendly ? Uses no electricity, no chemicals, no flame


Electric Cremation, Isn't the best option??

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