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Moving to Ireland – Cottage Restoration, Self-sufficiency and Sustainable Living

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GaelicTales says:

Just discovered your channel, best of luck with everything! I left Ireland 5 years ago for the US and am in the process of moving back, I often see these types of cottages when trawling the housing sites, the one my great grandparents lived in is still just about standing

Paddyandpoppy says:

You are young enough to tackle all the work so good luck and keep posting your progress.

kenneth higgins says:

Great video. Looking forward to updates on your progress and wish you all the best in your future plans.

ladymacbeth says:

watching your videos makes me long for this way of life even more…So inspiring!
Check out this channel,( Bealtaine Cottage,) this lady bought a cottage 14 years ago in the west of Ireland too.
When can we see inside your cosy cottage?

Csucsu Csucsuka says:

Hey Mossy! Im on the same path in Co.Mayo near Ballyhaunis,a ruin cottage … if i can help during this winter ,let me know! Best of luck with all your dreams! 😉

Jms signwriting says:

Great video.!
Good luck with everything.,

tracy clark says:

I was really excited to find your video. We are currently in the process of packing up our life in the UK to do exactly the same thing; jump off the hamster wheel and start living and not just existing to pay someone else. It's really inspiring to see you making a go of it. We're not brave enough to do the ruined house, but we're assuming a large amount of diy will be required. The very best of luck to you and please keep up the vlog.

John Lynch says:

Great video, good honest talk. I have many questions, if you don't mind.
What are your highest expenses, ie taxes, petrol, food, ect
How big, population wise is your county, and what type or volume of crime do you have?
How far do you have to travel for building/farming materials, and how would you judge the prices (here in the USA a simple pressure treated 2"x4"x8' is around $7.00)

I know I ask too many questions, but I am on a big coffee buzz this morning
I am subscribed and following,
thank you

tulipchic34 says:

My dream is to live in a little cottage in Ireland. I’m very drawn to that country and I put it down to my ancestry. Also living the simple life is something T aspire to. We are such a throwaway society and I want to go back to how my Grandparents lived by growing their own food, simple cooking, and no clutter that has no purpose in my home. Good luck to you!

malachai snow says:

I’m an American and dream of moving to Ireland. Albeit the process is much more difficult for me. Watching this makes me want to push harder to make my dream a reality. You are very inspiring and i look forward to more of your videos!

Noreen Boland says:

Congratulations on following your dream.Your vegetable patch is looking great.Very familiar with the creeping buttercups which have gone crazy here this year.We are planting a garden here in rural Leitrim.Looking forward to your updates.

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