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My 3 Secrets for Growing BIG Vegetables in My Garden

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John from http://www.growingyourgreens.com/ shares his 3 secrets for growing big vegetables in his garden.

In this episode you will learn about some of the more rare and unique nutrients that can be added to your garden to increase your plant growth. You will discover by harnessing the power of nature you can get your plants to uptake more nutrients which in turn they will turn into larger vegetables and leave you with higher yields and more nutritious crops.

After watching this episode, you will have a better understanding of John’s gardening style which he calls organic, biologic gardening.


Dave Crookham says:

I'm going to try that this year

Deborah Woods says:

I've been going through your videos trying to find an answer to my problem. I have beautiful big Drumhead Cabbages that are nice and full and ready to harvest. I have harvested 3 so far and they all have the same problem. Inside there are small stalks developing off the main stalk with lots of little shoots which resemble bean sprouts. Have I done something to cause this? They are all grown organically in a compost rich soil which I add to each season. Please help if you can. I love your videos.

monnarush says:

I love beets, and pickled beets 🙂 Hope it taste good too 🙂

Dennis Nakashima says:

John, what brand of moringa do you recommend?

bob doll says:

where do you get this compost? or make your own?

Fort Bumper says:

hydroponic plants are not getting all  they need a quality soil is what a plant need


Somewhere, somehow, those beets just broke a world record!  Wonderful video. We are honored to have been mentioned. Happy growing! 


john i found something called stone dust in my local quarry, they are brownish like dirt fined sized and small hard rock size particles combined. are these count? there is no rock dust here, they call it stone dust.

Kdax07 says:

Hi John, I have 5 raised garden beds. It's Near summer here in downunder and I am just wondering if you have any tips for ensuring that your garden bed does not heat up.  I have good compost soil, rock dust and a thick layer of hay on top.  Some plants are quick to bolt. Would it be a watering issue or a heat from sun issue?  Thanks Nick. PS Love your stuff

MouldySponge says:

What about water? Are you using town water or rain water?

Bright Agrotech says:

HOLY BEET! That's amazing.. And now I'm hungry.

Jennie Vick says:

Thanks so much for all this lovely information.  I have started to follow your guidance.  It is great.  Having trouble finding a nice nursery to get the soil and all the soil components you recommend, like worm castings, etc.  But thanks for all this information.  I just love watching these videos and I take notes regularly and shop according to what you recommend. Thanks so much.  I love working in  my veggie garden. 

Kyle Lester says:

Based on other studies the rock dust may not be necessary but the fungus, bacteria, worm castings certainly help plants grow large.

SKazclaw says:

John, can you please share the 3 videos which give more details into each of these secrets. It would be great if you made a website or book.

notaras1985 says:

you should right a book on gardening. thats godzilla size!

Uwe Abraham says:

Thanks John for the good tips. What do we do now since the frozen north has come to our part of the country?

allen liang says:

Well done John. Thanks.

Anita Scheepmaker says:

did you know you dan also eat de leafs to?… 🙂 🙂 my favorite is stirfry with garlic 🙂 🙂

shopperoo99 says:

3 Secrets for Growing BIG in my Garden? LOL !@#$%

MindOverEverything says:

Short and sweet, along with a giant beet.
John, this video was pretty neat.

Sitarska says:

Man I Wish I could get some beets like that in the store -.- Enjoy them John! Peace and Love

tkguyok says:

Excellent video, John! Thank you for sharing!

LifeTrekker says:

I'm really liking these short and sweet videos John. Keep em' coming!

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