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My path to green living: Michael Roy at TEDxPalgong

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From Korea to India and Back again: My path to Green Living
Michael Roy at TEDxPalgong

An average American hamburger travels over a thousand miles to get to the plate it’s served on. Thousands of gallons of water are needed to produce a single cotton shirt. Recycling plastics and electronics reclaims only a tiny fraction of the energy and materials used to make them. Facts like these were more or less meaningless to Mike Roy until, after teaching English in South Korea for two years, he took his savings and a backpack and headed to Southeast Asia. What he saw and felt while traveling forced him to acknowledge his own complicity — unwitting, but also undoubtable — in problems small and large, local and global. Now a vegetarian, a cyclist, a minimalist, and a practitioner and proponent of “Green Living” in general, Mike discusses how he came to believe that one individual can make a difference, and how he’s been working to convince others of the same.

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Thomas Lucklum says:

Mike with long hair!!!!

Ingrid Macher says:

we all need to do our part!

Sunny Yun says:

Mike Roy, you are a conscientious revolutionary hero. People can see as much as they know. Yet, not many people practice or do as they know. I know you know what you are doing and I fully support and admire your path and way that you have chosen to make yourself and others feel big problems real. Keep it up, Mike!!!

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