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my skincare routine 2019 | eco-friendly + cruelty-free

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products used in order:
farmacy green clean cleansing balm
youth to the people superfood antioxidant cleanser
vanity planet spin for perfect skin brush
tatcha rice polish foaming enzyme powder in calming
vanity planet aera facial steamer
vanity planet morrocan pink clay mask
klairs supple preparation toner
caudalie vinoperfect serum
the ordinary 100% plant-derived squalane oil
laneige lip sleeping mask
mother dirt mist

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Consuelo J. says:

Can we reallyappreciate how pleasing the music and her voice are?

Yozhii Studios says:


Chiara Delmount says:

Hiiiii Sienna i'm Brazilian and your videos help me a lot with my English … Thank u so much for this!!!! ♡♡♡♡

Kyle Kohl says:

Your skin isn't very good, also why would you do all this? It's just irritating your skin more

jessdoit says:

You should check out Arbonne! It’s a cruelty free and vegan company☺️ the skin care really helped with my textured skin and oily skin🙌🏽 I’m a consultant for them let me know if you’d like a discount🤗

Lester Benjamin Aleman Cruz says:

Sienna, Are there foreign students with U at Harvard? 🤔

Lester Benjamin Aleman Cruz says:

Hi Sienna! I just started to watch your famous, beautiful videos… I am a boy that is in love with your personality and your informative videos… God bless Ur college lifetime…😘👍

Laura C says:

You look like the girl from detective pikachu

Fides Nzirubusa says:

Hi! I love your video! I'm new to this channel! I just watched your how to get Harvard video and I found it really helpful. Would you mind if you could help me on the well rounded class thing? I'm a little confused. I want to be a doctor, so I do participate in class that associate with that?

Vega Mårtensson says:

Can't you please try to live the zero waste lifestyle for one week or one month?😀 That would be really fun to see since you really seem to care about the environment!💕💕

Felix Cat says:

Pleaaase do a hair care routine!!

Kate Elizabeth says:

Please do your makeup routine! I would love to see the vegan products that are out there! Luv you!💛💛💛

katarzyna celary says:

Oh my goood your eyebrows are just perfectttt 🙈😍

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