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My Top 3 Tips To Growing Giant Organic Onions

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Many people ask me how I grow such consistently large onions organically, and so I decided to make this video outlining my top 3 tips to growing large and even giant onions.
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Milei Joy says:

march…we still have snow in montreal at that time..

Vlasta Aracki says:

Very informative. Thank you.

Dave Janssen says:

I'm growing onions for the second time ever. In the past I failed miserably. This video gives me lots of hints and courage to get it right. Thanks

CriticalElixir says:

uhm, squze me?
large varieties?
maybe u should ask me how 2gro giant onions.
The first onions I ever grew were not onions. They were scallions. They got as big as basketballs. I grew them in La Habra. Near Los Angeles.

Paul has saved me. I have garden. But it's a crippled garden & now I have full time garden job. Zuchinni for example almost not doable.  
   Paul's garden isn't easy yoke light burden. Paul is an arborist he has all the peices…  but can't quite connect the dots somehow.  Good God he has 16 inches of chips originally placed under fruit trees. Seriously? That represents preposterous amountsof absolutely gargantuan fuel soaked huffing machinery tonnage of ruthless mega ear splitting horsepower.  Ever split wood? Ever make your own wood chips with an axe? 
   I don't subscribe2 splitting wood.  Bcuz I believe in easy yoke light burden. I prefer branches4 fire. I get Paul's attitude.  
      Paul has exploited a niche.  That is possible but very difficult without anywhere near the ease as he enjoys in OREGON. As an arborist 
     Oregon is cool. With ocean breezes,  short days,  which incidentaly houses VERY FEW INSECT PESTS. 
    Soil here in Oklahoma is SILT CLAY.  Which after worms aerate it, becomes WATERPROOF.  Bible say seedmust land on GOOD SOIL.  Which doesn't exist everywhere.  Fortunately,  Paul's method softens those boundaries.  
     I live just above Mexico in latitude.  There is no way in this ferocious heat &no marine layer moisture that my soil can be kept wet. There are no woodchippers south Oklahoma.  I tried gathering decayed wood chips.  Now I only collect leaves.  It's do able full time,  if u are retired. Or there are 2 or more of u.  Teamwork = VERY do able.  
    Worms eat leaves fast as I can replace. My water bill is now struggling.  I can't keep pace.  Had I lived in north Missouri,  I bet my soil might stay wetter.  But here,  I get much more rain then Missouri,  but our PARTICULAR soil dries extremely fast.  Plants almost buried,  still too dry.  
     I do not think my leaves work as good as woodchipper mulch too much air.  BY THE WAY.  I live in a RAIN FOREST technically. Thus I enjoy rain,  max natural mulch but STILL can't keep up with my Eden garden.  But I am sold on it cuz its my only hope.
        I did Back to Eden  garden looong b4 Paul did. When I lived near him in LA. He spent his whole life arriving at his nitch  where I nailed it off the 1st bat my 1st complete garden.  
     LA enjoyed COOL WET MARINE LAYER.  which kept soil moist, like Oregon. (cool nights) 
TEMPERATURE by itself dries the devil out of soil.  My ground temp days averages 140 f 3 months.  Little rain summer.  If I get torrential rain,  my plants still begin wilting in days.  
     "you must work in the sweat of your face. "
   Life now is a punishment.  The sun itself is blasting earth angrily now 4 a reason, burning 1/3 my plants& even scorching my oak trees.  God is angry.  
  God is not here to climax with garden movement,  but Armageddon.  
     The promised land was OVER THERE.  Where the good, even PREMIUM CONDITIONS were.  
      Paul has a much lower IQ then & I &suffers with exaggeration but has been gardening far longer& has made a garden possible where b4 I would never had made it near as quickly.
     With his endless tear soaked emotion &God's miracles on the brain he also fails 2ever acknowledge simplest of wood chip reality.  Of say,  fulvic &humic acids which hydrate cells& are used on oil outrigger drill bits 2loosen soil. Ok. I get it.  …creation is a miracle but get your head on straight.  
     In the garden,  the woman was thoroughly  deceived.  By shape of the eyeball.  Eve mated with Satan literally.  People meanwhile, especially TODAY,  are thoroughly deceived on You Tube they aren't interested in subbing2 reality they subscribing to emotion.  Which is easily manipulated if only u have just the right costume& ofcourse carry a cane.   
    Paul has extremely poor Bible diction.  I work with elite angelic forces and have spoken with persons who were THERE in the garden Eden including Lucifer. Adams wife was cloned memory intact.  We have interviewed her.  2 years ago.  Plus Bible teaches Satan was a cherub.  No.  Satan wrote that in Bible.  He  was the lords elder brother of 2 million years Satan was Yahuahs 1st original direct son.  
   Paul constantly elaborates on ASPECTS OF bible which was half written by Satan.  He has apostle Paul on the brain.  Apostle Paul was Satan's. There was no 13th disciple lol. Like Bible Paul,  garden Paul is both world-leading and vastly erroneous all at once.  I've learned from him,  but just keep scratching my head.  

   Humic acid doesn't take years but is instantaneous.  It is this acid specifically they pump down in2 drill bits 2build underground bases and drill 4 oil. It works insantantly. 

     I take mulch to the next level & add green weeds I pull as mulch. Mulch does nothing. SMOTHERING MULCH of green weeds is near insantaneous because it's becoming sewage vs dry hay. 

   Example. Your fruit tree is dying july. Smother THICK with green weeds. The tree will explode. 

     I also use green weeds tea. Not compost. Compost isn't the term. Humic acid is what is saturating the cellular level. Satans master Gardner's will trick u with the term fluffy compost. Secondly u will need a fleet of precision demons and time & equipment 2regulate all that nonsense.  also they tell u only comfrey works. No I just use any softer weeds. like dandelion, lambquarter, poke. But it all works. 

   Throw it in water, the smell subsides in a week. Add ten part water  2 one part. unlike compost, it can be added 2leaves. 

    Never ever do what Satan's masters tell u and build wood raised beds. Use stone. Humic acid makes a termite look like a godsend. It will consume fence posts like candy. Never place garden uphill of your home unless u surround foundation with cement walks.  Humic acid devours decks, and sinks foundations.

avonleanne says:

one more question, why is it bad to use the tomato ring things in the garden?

avonleanne says:

ok, so the tops of these giant onions are not edible like scallions?

Angelia Allen says:

Luke please help me out . I’m in Ada Okla what zone am I in as far as onions go am I long or short ?

Daniel Moore says:

everyone has allllways told me to avoid starting from seed. WTF>!>!>!>!>!>?!?!??!?!@??!??!#?R>@@ELLFJEJFFOISDFKDSH i feel like im taking crazy pills.

MDRstudi0s says:

you talk to much

Stephanie Willoughby says:

You know you can eat those tops you're pinching off, right??

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