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My Top 5 Eco-Friendly Products ♻️ | Haul

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I am so excited to start using eco-friendly products that are good for the environment, my body, and my wallet!

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Products Mentioned:

➥ Reusable Makeup Remover Bamboo Cotton Pads -https://amzn.to/2InuAzg

➥ Reusable Metal Drinking Straws –

➥ 5 PACK Reusable Silicone Food Storage -Bagshttps://amzn.to/2Oh0Bi1

➥ Natural Biodegradable Bamboo Toothbrushes –

➥ L. Organic Cotton & Chlorine-Free Pads –


➥ AboveGround-long


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➥ Canon 70D



Underwear made of coconuts

Briana Ruiz says:

That pad brand does make long overnight pads. I just seen them at target!

Simpletrish says:

Where did you get the jacket ??😭😍😍

Esraa Albietar says:

I wish they didn't put the straws in a plastic package.🤦

Alexandra Murray says:

your really pretty

A Jaunt With Joy says:

I need to find long organic pads too! I use stainless steel straws and bring one in my purse everywhere I go. Mine are rose gold and came with 2 straight straws and 2 bendy ones plus the cleaner and I love them! I have these same food storage bags too but I found them to be super hard to wash and clean out all the way, and I work with dogs and own 2 cats and all the fur sticks to the silicone and its hard to get off lol. So I just picked up 2 cactus print reusable ziploc bag-type of food bags today from the container store. Hoping they work better for me.

allaissa roane says:

loved this! gonna try everything you mentioned!

GlobalTubeTruth says:

If anyone is serious about converting their home to all non-toxic/eco-friendly products, please contact me at 4naturalgreen@gmail.com or call 831-747-0200 for more information.

Vera Yve says:

ahhh you look so beautiful!! and very interesting video about the eco-friendly products!

Rachel Gray says:

you should try the collapsible straw from Strawcology. They actually have it on sale now. Highly recommend it!. Find it at http://www.strawcology.com

Angela Giesler says:

You should try the thinx underwear! Made so you don't need to wear pads!

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