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My Zero Waste Laundry Routine + Eco-Friendly Laundry Tips & Tricks

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I’ve got loads of tips for how to make your laundry routine more eco-friendly! Get started today with your zero waste swaps from Earth Hero:

▸ Eco Nuts – https://bit.ly/2HDe3IO
▸ Stain Remover – https://bit.ly/2HDejrg
▸ Cora Ball – https://bit.ly/2YSpbHK
▸ Drying Rack – https://amzn.to/2MfPgPm
▸ Dryer Balls – https://bit.ly/2JJlh0q

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Kiralee Farmer says:

I always belive your sponsorship becuse they are actually useful not just consuming products

Libby Miller says:

How many times can you use the Eco Nuts before you need to get rid of them.

neha m says:

Eco nuts are called reetha and it's Indian originated, we Indians use it to wash our hair with it

I V says:

yes to soap berries

Emma's Economics says:

Where do you find hemp clothing? My husband and I have items that need to be replaced, and we want to use hemp. However, we are having major trouble finding hemp clothes for extra beautiful people.

Monse Esparza says:

It's a very weird texture XD When my dryer broke I realized it left the cloths wrinkly if I left them for too long hanging and it had this weird feeling

Samantha Gaddis says:

How do you get rid of wrinkles in your clothes?

Brittney Arsenov says:

Next time my laundry detergent runs out I’m doing to give this a try. Love your living room! It’s so fresh, airy and beautiful.

Leah J says:

Giving this a like bc this is good for the Earth 🤩

Emily Mckenzie says:

Im starting my zero waste journey and your channel is helping me:)

Maya Jasmine says:

Hi, what do you do with the econuts after laundry? How many times do you reuse them and how do you know how many you should use at a time? Thank you!!

ritabrisbane says:

Could you combine the Cora balls with fabric softener or other liquids? Also, I’m thinking of getting a compact washer Panda washer, will it work on those washers?

Arley Aguilar Luna says:

How do you know when the soap nuts are ready to be composted??

Evelyn Flores says:

Im so buying the eco nuts as soon as I’m done with my current toxic laundry detergent, I’m so excited I been looking for something more gentle on my skin and this seems like a great option.

Kelly S says:

No drying line outside? Even a rack (or two) outside would dry a lot faster than it would indoors.

Emily Lofaro says:

While soapnuts are certainly a healthy option, they do have to be imported from India so they would have a much higher carbon footprint than a local alternative like horse chestnuts, for example. You can shred them and leave them in water to get a soapy liquid for washing, or just add some shredded nuts to your washing in a pouch. Other low waste and cheap alternatives are washing soda, castile bar soap (shredded), and baking soda. <3

Love your videos!

daisygirl111975 says:

I used soap nuts in my HE front loader and I could not keep the washing machine from stinking (probably from the retained water in the drum). I had to switch to detergent. I can’t wait for that awful machine to die so I can buy a top loader.

Lauryn Swanger says:

Can you do a video on how you vet out companies? how to research them to see if they are eco friendly or not?

Jasmine Marckwordt says:

Thanks for all the info! I ordered the econuts. They’re amazing! My clothes came out so clean and soft and fresh. 🙂

TheGolloGang says:

Can you reveiw/test hoennade detergents I'm not entirely sure how eco friendly they are….they work great but want to know more about biodegradable and eco friendly!

Ayyspicyboi says:

Earth hero sounds wonderful! Thank you for introducing them to us!

jennw36 says:

Tried the coupon code and it didn't work. Any idea why?

Paula Wilson says:

Idk why I’m watching this. I love my Tide, downy unstoppables, downy liquid softener, and dryer sheets wayyyyy too much! 🤦🏻‍♀️

Delmi Cortave says:

I am buying the nuts and ball thank you for the discount😄

Henriette Linkshänderin says:

I think the most important tip is not to wash every piece of clothing after wearing it only once. Sure, you should change your underwear and socks every day, but shirts, dresses, skirts and pants can be worn several times before they need to be washed. If you wash your body and use a good deodorant and be careful not to spill food on your clothes you can just air them out over night and wear them again.

Noel says:

Thanks for another great video! I heard recently that soap nuts can (chemically) damage the washing machine over time- is that a fact or a myth?

Kelsey J says:

I can't STAND the feeling of hung dry clothes – it's like nails on a chalkboard for me. I usually do the same thing – half in, half out.

MsRainingDays says:

A thing that might help with texture and wrinkles is giving the wet laundry a good shake before hanging out.

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