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No Fixed Address: Sustainable living in a tiny house

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You’ve probably heard about the new tiny home craze. People swapping out buying expensive houses to live in miniature homes — often ones they’ve built themselves. The tiny home movement is a housing trend born out of the housing affordability crisis, and it’s cultural shift that’s showing no signs of slowing down.

Tiny homes take up less space than a traditional house, and have far more flexibility in terms of location, given they’re often prefabricated.

In our series, No Fixed Address, we show you the people who have ditched the mortgage, rent and utility bills, and taken their life on the road. You’ll see travellers from all walks of life, choosing to live with no fixed address, and enjoying all that travelling has to offer.

In this video, Emmet Blackwell shows us his tiny home on wheels that he built himself. Measuring 4m long x 2m wide, the house cost just under $10,000 to build, including materials and labour, in just one and a half years. The house is solar powered and made out of recycled materials, making it environmentally friendly, too.

The house has everything you need — ample storage space, a kitchen with a stove top, fridge and sink, and a double bed up the back. Plus, he’s got stunning stained glass windows above the entrance and his bed, so he’s not missing out on the nicer things in life.

After building the house, Emmet posted a call out on social media, trying to find somewhere to park it. In under 24 hours, he had over 30 responses for properties within 30 minutes of Byron Bay. Now, Emmet lives on a beautiful property, and has built an additional shower and bathroom, separate to the main house.

Emmet says he built the house as an alternative to settling down in an expensive house with a mortgage. Now, he says he’s got housing affordability, flexibility, and security, all in one home.

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