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YES 2019 a new chapter for Starry and for the channel!
Starry reveals HER NEW name for the channel and the new direction!
Love you all…cant WAIT to get back into the full swing of things!
THIS IS so far the only homesteading SITE THAT WILL be teaching you sustainable living..WHERE ever you are..and FEEDING you TRUTH..Gods truth..
Come and learn and BE FEED! ITS TIME!
Llove Stacey aka Starry

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Lynda Rebustillo says:

Love the new name! I can’t wait to see what you and God have planned for all of us ❤️.

Courageous Joy says:

I like your unique focus and the new channel name. Glad to see your health improved.

Melissa Moss says:

Hooray,thank you Starry. This video was just what I needed to put a spring in my step today. Sustainability with God. Love it! Blessings and joy to you. Hugs.

Donna and Scott Lutz says:

Starry, I am SO proud of you! I love your new channel title. I would love one day to talk the glory and miracles of the Lord with you. He has Risen!

Hands and Feet Homestead says:

Love you Starry! Can't wait wait to see what God has planned for the future!

Blue Dragon says:

I could almost smell those tomatoes through my screen mmmmm mmmmm
Love it, Yeshua bless you Starry

Oma Am says:

You look like you always have. And so excited. Your reminders and relationship with the Great One keeps me mindful. Thank you. Princess Queen.

Julie Hiestand says:

Love the new name! You are totally back yay. Hugs

Paul Boyle says:

Bless you Starry and I hope God works though you and your channel to bring salvation to many people!

Melanie Washington says:

I love you Starry💞 Always be blessed

Michele Bowman says:

Were is the love button. I am so excited to see what great things you share with us Starry. Happy New Beginnings Starry!

scrapper900 says:

So happy for you and I’m excited to take this journey with you. God bless!

Coffield's Shaved Ice Bistro says:

I'm so blessed to see you embracing your faith walk on this channel. Looking forward to what God has for us this year!

ʈɑʈʈɨɲɠ ɕɦɨɕ says:

Love the name change of your channel! It's perfect!

DANIEL Lowrance says:

we love simply starry glad to see you feeling better and thank you for sharing your life and testimony with us. cant wait to what you have in store for us. God bless you Starry

mike parker says:

Congrats. Your on a roll. Keep it coming. God is using you in a extraordinary way. Keep growing. I will be watching. Thank you.

Helen Nelmes says:

Thank you Starry!

Jenn&Blues Backyard Barnyard Adventures says:

We all have a gift. And sometimes we have to find it. The valleys on our journey may be deep. But, it is only how we climb out of that valley. Keep at it! God is good! And we can start wherever we are. That's how God leads us. He starts right where we are at. Go girl!

leelee says:

Yay starry,many blessings to you.

Arcia French says:

This new channel is so you, God has carried you through to be an inspiration to all those who follow your channel and those in the days to come. I’m so looking forward to be on this journey with you.

lynne kramme says:

Amen Starry
This is right
Giving to people
It is more blessed to give than receive

Elisheva Quick says:

LOVE, love, LOVE !!

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