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November ‘My 5’ | eco friendly favorites

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My green favourites for November!

Product: Guppyfriend Bag to prevent microfiber pollution http://guppyfriend.langbrett.com/en/
Buy through Patagonia http://www.patagonia.com/product/guppyfriend-washing-bag/O2191.html

Brand: Hoodlamb https://www.hoodlamb.com/

Book: Soulful Simplicity by Courtney Carver https://bemorewithless.com/soulful-simplicity/ (gifted)

Learned: habit stacking

Blog: Dominique Drakeford https://www.dominiquedrakeford.com/
Melanin & Sustainable Style https://melaninass.com/

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Rebecca Day says:

This may be a crazy question, but once you use the microfiber bag, how do you actually properly dispose of the microfibers? I want to purchase, but is just throwing them away enough?? Thanks for all your great videos!

Julie says:

Can we wash the Guppyfriend bag inside of a Guppyfriend bag to see if the bag sheds microfibers?

Mina Skelly says:

Hi , is the guppy bag reusable??

pa ba says:

Falls du sie noch nicht kennst, kann ich dir die Dokumentation "Plastic China" empfehlen.

jen tangen says:

Omg. I didn't even know there was such a thing as microfiber pollution. Sometimes I feel like there is something new to worry about every day.

SL H says:

I have been kind of implementing the habit stacking process into my morning routine without realizing it! I started out by waking up 1/2 hour earlier every couple of weeks, then adding in some time to journal in the morning, and now I want to continue the positive trend by adding in some meditation. 5 minutes definitely sounds do-able, and I hope to work up to longer meditation sessions as I get used to incorporating these new habits into my daily routine.

ronjas says:

Oooo i need one of those laundry bags when i move out!

Lala Luna says:

I always like your choices and I know that sometimes sustainable brands can be more expensive, but when I checked out Hoodlamb for an ethical produced parker, I realised that it is out of my budget as a student. I have to live with 400 Euros a month and can't spend so much money for one item. I will have to stick to buying second hand, although I would like to support brands like that more.

Silke Stadler says:

Hey there! When I dispose of microfibers in the regular trash do they get properly recycled or treated – or do they just disappear in the earth and pollute it anyway?

Toyon95 says:

I've tried to find scientific proof for how well this bag works, but guppyfriend haven't released their research yet and there is no independent research done on the bag. So just beware of that and don't trust this product blindly 🙂 But if it works somewhat maybe that's good enough for now.

If I have to buy synthetic material I buy second hand, since many of the small particles have already been washed away anyway- so there wont be as much microfibers coming loose with each wash. And I watched her video about different materials so now I know to stay away from acryl and fleece.

niidiimii says:

Great stuff as always! I'm really interested in the Guppyfriend Bag and Dominique Drakeford!

Alessandra .BL says:

Hi Erin, i've a question: how do you properly dispose your micro waste at the end? where did you put them?

Saij MW says:

how do you properly dispose of microfiber once you catch it?

Green Beauty Project Adriana says:

That moment when u said tomorrow on December 1st I was like what? What year is this video? LOL love the book recommendation I will look into that for sure

mrsdeWilde says:

Maybe a stupid question, but where do you dispose of the microvibres?

The Blacktress Diaries says:

Thank you so much for sharing Melanin & Sustainable Style! It can feel pretty lonely sometimes as a person of color fighting for sustainability, and now I know there's a community ❤️

Drops of Lemon & Honey says:

I love Melanin & Sustainable Style. Their Instagram is great to follow too! It’s so important to discuss POC in the conscious lifestyle community. Thanks for sharing!

Géssica Rocha says:

Great selection of favorites, Verena! I’ll definitely check out Courtney’s book and will try to find a similar microfiber bag here in my city. Thank you for the amazing content you always provide 🙂

Jyra Laforce says:

I love your sweater!

Steph P. says:

I love this video. Thank you so much for sharing and I can't wait for your upcoming videos 😀

Matilda Lundin says:

Such great favorites this month! I'm ordering the microfiber bag as a stocking stuffer for myself and others! Also love the idea of the morning routine sometimes it can be overwhelming when you want to develop good habits. Especially when you are bombarded with articles like "50 things every successful person does every morning" or something along those lines 😉 if you haven't read The creative habit by Twyla Tharp you really should! In the beginning of the book she talks about her morning routine going to the gym and she says it doesn't start at the gym, it starts in the taxi on its way to the gym. The point is to make the first step easy to make and as such you need to start with 5 min or the journey to the gym instead of thinking 45 min into the workout. 😛

dory99 says:

I never thought of microfiber pollution. That laundry bag is a good idea.

SouthernMel says:

Have you heard of plaine products? I was wondering if you’d recommend their shampoo/ conditioner/ body wash

S S says:

Hi Erin. I've been a subscriber of your channel for several months and have enjoyed the information you share on your channel. I appreciate your simplistic and to the point style. Since becoming more aware of topics you have discussed, I have become more conscious of my consumption and its impact on society. I have been putting more thought into my purchases and have been enjoying a more minimalistic but purposeful approach to multiple aspects of my life. Thank you!

MsAepfelchen says:

The microfibre bag is amazing! I don’t wear leather and try to stay away from animal products in general so I have a lot of synthetic clothes.

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