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Off the grid house & guide (self sustainable living)

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Off the grid house and guide (self sustainable living)

Get off the grid. Stop paying for utilities; electricity, water and rates.
Hello & Welcome to the Property Club!

My name is PJ

YouTube: www.youtube.com/c/propertyclubasia

Email: pj@property-club.com

WeChat (preferred) ID: propertyclub

WhatsApp: +639171547262

Instagram: @ptyclub

Twitter: @ptyclub

Facebook: @propertyclub

www.property-club.com (under construction)

My friends nicknamed me “The Batman” due to my obsession for working long hours day and night which is fueled by my passion for Property Investment and Finance. I am 32 years old, worked, done business & invested throughout Asia Pacific region including: Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, China, Philippines, Thailand and Vanuatu.

I have worked full time in Banking Finance for over 15 years now. Started @ 16. My hobby and passion is property, bought my first house at 19 years old. Since that time worked my way up the food chain.

In recent years, I took over as the “Acting Chairman” of a troubled Hedge Fund in Hong Kong and mainland China. Due to corruption in China the Chairman and majority stakeholder lost control. Which believe it or not can be very common for foreign investors who take the punt in the PRC. It took me four years of legal battling and use of my influence in order to turn it around and make it into a success story.

After my China experience, I left to go back to the call center industry in the Philippines. I now work full time here in the Philippines managing the back-office services for one of Australia’s largest Mortgage Lenders, of which has won numerous awards including “Non-Bank Lender of the Year”.

Part time I Invest in Property throughout the Asia Pacific region. My goal is make property investing fun and help educate people how to become financially free using property as the vehicle. My intention is to build up the channel to a point where I can start to recruit “Club Members” who are also interested in starting an Property Investment Fund.

CASH IS KING! Power in numbers will enable the “Property Club” members to purchase heavily discounted property assets using an acquisitions model. Anything is possible. Together we can achieve the impossible. It will also enable those with smaller amount of savings for example $10,000 USD to get involved and buy shares in the fund. Making Property Investment accessible to everyone.

Having both worked & done business in the Banking & Finance industry; Funds Management, Mortgage Finance, Real Estate & Securitization. I have the know-how, experience and skills necessary to make the “Property Club” a roaring success. How about you? Contact me if you are interest in becoming a member of the Property Club

Yours Sincerely PJ


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