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Organic Gardening and Tips for Growing Squash

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Shobhna Vijh says:

Beautiful garden. I enjoy it and appreciate this sweet hobby of yours !

Sue Leigh 101 says:

Melanie, your deafening silence has shown me that you're in a state of shock because I seemed to suddenly become someone other than you thought I was. But an intense person is intense about everything, and I am about to reap a great blessing and dream I've worked and waited for most of my life and my joy is so great it spills over. You wouldn't have been so shocked if you'd had a chance to know more about me and my life. But you don't. I grieve that I shocked and confused you. Have you heard the analogy about all the feathers coming out of a feather pillow on a windy day and how you can't find all the feathers and put them back into the pillow? I can't unsay what I babbled about in my excitement and joy, …I'm going to delete my ramblings. You had no frame of reference to understand where I was coming from. And for me to say all that where so many eyes could read it was very bad judgment on my part. I may just have to fall on my sword!
I put you in an impossible situation… aaaarrrrgggghhhhh
I think once I get my laptop back (my techie middle son has to fix it) I can message you privately on your channel which I can't do on my android phone. It will be awhile, maybe a couple of months. In a day or so, I'll come back and delete this message so I won't be adding insult to injury!

AB Junior says:

Beautiful!!! I'm subscribing right now.

Mary Waynick says:

Thanks for the tips! This is a beautiful intro pic of You! Gentle HUGS!

Tom Mathews says:

Beautiful garden, and I can tell you REALLY enjoy it! Thanks for the tour! Love to see folks walking barefoot in their gardens! I love to feel that connection myself! I would love to come work your garden in August, I'm in Alabama and we are usually so worn out by the "summer struggles" in the deep south that it's really nice to see a garden flourishing this time of year.

Kim Lettau says:

Your garden inspires me to make mine even better!! There's just the two of us but we love working outside and being self sufficient! Kudos to your garden and all your hard work!

My Steps Are Oiled says:

oh!!!!!! Your garden is gorgeous!!! AAAAAAND 🙂 Id love to have a hat like that for being out in the garden. Do you remember where you got it? Id love to go get one for myself. <3

Amy Larsen says:

You had a really pretty garden this year!!

Ginger Shults says:

Nice garden and video…..what part of Idaho are you? I'm North Idaho and wish I could grow a garden this amazing..good job!!!

Sand Hollow Homestead says:

Marvelous garden! What a blessing you have. I've grown banana squash for years and I've found all my vining plants do well on a stock panel cut in half so it's 8ft high and 5ft wide. The squash will climb up and over the top and make lots of squash which hang and do not fall off. I harvest after the fall frost when the plants have reached maturity. Butternut squash seems to thrive on the panes and there's no loss of ground due to water damage this way. Saves lots of space in your garden to plant other veggies. The Japanese have taught us how to plant vertical gardens that work. The French has taught us how to plant in deep holes developed so you only water the holes and then use the vertical panels in combination. They usually don't cultivate due to hard-pan earth so the holes are the only growing media. I've been told that the squash will fall off but it doesn't. I plant all my vining plants vertically and I've learned to trust nature to do the rest. Less insects too. Great video and I got excited because you are so happy. God Bless! Always glad to see you and Julianne having fun together!

cookinmom says:

Please tell me what kind of sunflowers you have!

Todd Cottle says:

The garden looks fabulous. Are the dark red flowers on the right at 5:47 gladiolus?

dpower02 says:

You have an awesome garden Melanie! good job all your hard work shows. Those golden squash with the ridges on skin looks like a Hubbard Squash, Hubbard Squash is one of the winter squashes best for storage normally they last longer than acorn/buttercup squash and sweet mama squash. Also putting squash at the ends of your rows is good for two reasons 1. You normally have the room there 2. Squash keep predators out of the garden like racoons away from corn, the racoons and other small legged animals do not like walking through the prickly vines of the squash so they will go around. Gardening is a lifelong learning experience it takes time to figure it out, and when you think you got it figured out, guess what?  Keep smiling!

Rhonda Bowdy says:

Your garden is absolutely beautiful. Whatever you are doing is working.

Deep South Homestead says:

AWESOME!!! Your garden is so beautiful and so are you! Glad to see Julianne enjoying a good time in the garden with you. Those squash are awesome.

Winfield Johnson says:

Golden Hubbard Squash!!!YES!VERY GOOD!……Your Garden is looking great,kid….Say Hi to Jullianne,and company,Hope they're doing well..

william breen says:

what state are you in???

Yankee Liv'n says:

Very nice garden and update

Todd Dembsky says:

Melanie Lynn — such a pretty name. There is one thing that you should know about me. I will be your biggest cheerleader, I will be you biggest fan, I will be there to support you when I can. (Yes I am attempting to lose a couple -like 40 pounds – so I won't be your biggest any more) Having been married to a woman with Fibromyalgia and being from Rochester MN (home of the Mayo Clinic) I can relate all too well with the trials you are going through. Having raised a daughter that was allergic to wheat, dairy, nuts, and having severe Asthma, I have a very solid base of knowledge on what you are going through. Seeing you smile on the good days is pure magic. Knowing that you have bad days just makes me pray harder for you.

You are an amazing woman, mom, and wife. I will always be here if you ever need a prayer, or just support.
I know where you are, I know where you are going, I know what you will be faced with.
Never be afraid to reach out and ask for prayer, love, compassion, or just someone to say — I know.

God Bless you my daughter, for we are all children of God.
Plus — I am definitely old enough to be your father.
The best is yet to come. Trust in that, believe in that, and know that God has placed people on this Earth today to support you in every way possible.

God Bless You
And know that when it is the darkest, reach out, there are those of us who are light houses to guide you.
And remember, that the Lord Jesus is the truth, the light, and the way home.


JUST a Pleasure to SEE. THANK YOU for your Tour and such wonderful squashes. Those sunflowers look Great. MANY THANKS

Homesteading The Pioneer Way says:

Great garden!!!!!!!!! =)

Hilltop Farm Homestead says:

Great video.Your garden is looking fantastic. Well done.

Lucky Robin's Homestead says:

Your garden is beautiful. I have squash envy. I didn't grow winter squash this year as we let one area of the garden go fallow and we didn't have the room. But next year I'll have it again. Have you had calendula tea? It is really good. I like it on its own or mixed with bee balm petals and yarrow.

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