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Organic Gardening – Giving Back to the Soil

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To view the previous video in this series click: http://www.monkeysee.com/play/10843


f0rmaggi0 says:

Awesome video. Thanks!

g4macdad says:

DAMN! This dude needs a lesson in plastics. I can see THREE water containers in the greenhouse that are KNOWN BPA leechers. Stop the madness PLEASE!

martysgarden says:

Awsome fresh food! I love the flavor and health properties from Organic food!

SequoyahDarling says:

I'm so proud this man is doing the good work in my hometown!

you toob says:

giving back to the soil is how nature itself gives back to the land

the tree shed its leaves to the ground……natures way

then man sweeps and cleans it up and 'throw's it away to the dump
yeah man is 'smart'

if you want 'rich' soil go to the 'DUMP'

but you couldnt do that now theres toxic chemicals in the DUMP

smart man right ?

theproducegarden says:

good vid, thanks!

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