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Organic Gardening: Harvesting and Curing Dried Beans

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Every year, I grow some commercially packaged dried beans: pintos, black beans, red beans. etc. This year, I grew Cannellini beans, a sort of white kidney beans. I purchased organic beans online and planted them in a deeply mulched bed to grow beans for long term storage– dried beans. This is our harvest.

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Frugal Footprint says:

Thanks for sharing Debbie! This is our first year doing beans. This video was very helpful 🙂

Robert G says:

Thanks for the info! Was hunting around after plating a whole messload of beans and trying to figure out the best way to harvest them.

April Williams says:

Very beautiful.

Debbie Mcclure says:

Loved this video Deb, very informative, tysmfs, God bless u and ur family!!! 🙂

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