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Organic gardening: How to grow an organic vegetable garden

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Organic gardening: How to grow an organic vegetable garden

What does it mean to grow vegetables organically? Scott Meyer, editor of Organic Gardening magazine shows how to plant and nurture an organic vegetable garden.

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Ashley235 says:


Lenny F says:

1:06 What “other” problems can it cause?

William Ellerbe says:

*Interest in Agriculture*

Recently I’m taking a serious interest in Agriculture like never before.
There’s a part of me that wants to connect with nature, and *work* within a
field that has more of a direct, and indirect way of making a difference in
the lives of so many people.

Leah Brooks says:

Organic food makes a huge difference in your health.

lovers4healthylife says:

I’ve been gardening for several years, but this year I’m going all organic
and planting only by seeds. Awesome information!

Catchcry says:

TRY ORGANIC FOOD! …or as your Grandparents called it – “Food” ;)

Wizard Home Improvements says:

How to grow an organic garden! 

Алла Долгая says:


Tait Farm Foods says:

Thinking of starting a garden this year? Come out to our Gardener’s Open
House this Saturday from 10am to 5pm. In the mean time check out this video
to get started

Pea Brain says:

when you say organic farming they seem to focus on composting, plant
nutrition and weed control. The most important thing when posting about
organic farming is how you control the pests because this is the hardest
part in growing crops.. the challenge really in organic farming is pests
control and not composting and it was not mentioned in this video..

Iamm Hungery says:

Growing Organic

NetPersian says:

#Organic #gardening is easy! really! :)

Pierre Sukhoi says:

EAT MONSANTO!!!!!!!!!!!

gene finch says:

eating organic has alot of benefits, it gets you outside .Gene

Is What You are eating , safe ? says:

Get started….we Indians have been overlooking this aspect for quite a
while …now.

Michelle Valentine says:

Awesome video, thanks! Everyone may learn a lot also from this book I just

Kelly Patrick says:

World’s first organic air purifier http://youtu.be/3HRIvttLuSg 

George S says:

Tomatoes, Green Bean & Family, Squash Family, Pepper Family. Plant now in
the warmer zones… ..Watch the video for some “How To” Help…

GrowBro Hydroponics says:

nice video!

Shakti Mishra says:

Do u say that newspaper is “ORGANIC” ????

Victoria Howell says:

So I did most of this in my garden, except, I didn’t put down mulch. I
really need to do that this summer!

Chad Vestal says:

I’m an Organic Gardener

Crown Heights Florist & Fruit Baskets says:


Northwestchefs says:


Rest Revolution says:

Great info on organic veggie garden! Thanks for sharing.

Bruno Pias says:

I have a garden and grow some food. I experienced a few problems including
forgetting to water them, overwatering some parts of it or watering just
before some rain. Also, some crops require different amounts of watering
and treatment for different climate conditions.
Tried to find “smart systems” for it, but couldn’t find one that addressed
these problems, so I’m working on a concept that hopefully will solve that.
Does anyone else have similar problems? Have you been looking for solutions?
I’m generally curious on other people’s related experiences and issues

E O'Neill says:

Done this it really works 

Sheds Direct says:

I just love organic gardening! Yes, it’s true that growing your own
vegetables is surely great because it is more tastier and more healthier
than purchasing to the market. I highly appreciate this post and it is very
helpful to homeowners for them to open their mind about what organic
gardening benefits you most!

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