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Organic gardening in Thailand planting beans making bamboo frames

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Organic gardening in Thailand planting beans making bamboo frames, in Chiang rai northern Thailand as a retired expat from the UK.


Englishman in Malta says:

Enjoyed the sugar plum fairies working hard !! just could not get a fat Betty Grable out of my head …she was a real beauty !! Geoffrey has to show some respect …..Put the camera down indeed !! remind him the old saying …….The brains and brawn !!!

robert ortega says:

The problem with your videos now is that I don't care to see you document your bromance with your buddy. Many of your vlogs were interesting … and now that your buddy is back in town, your videos are boring. This is the truth, Gordon. I feel for you bec according to your analysis you make about $2 bucks per day from the channel … which is obviously not worth your time of 6 hrs per day that you put into your videos … which I thought were really interesting until your bromance chronicles. I liked your videos but now you are losing me, Gordon. No offense to your buddy, but he is not interesting subject matter.

Pug Lissu says:

Beside you boys obvious intelligence, you really have a green thumb. It looks beautiful there, but I fear the heat bugs and snakes would do me in. My son loves Living there even when he finds a cobra wrapped around the toilet. I told him how much I would love to visit, he said, Oh do!.

Will your garden be grown and harvested before the rainy season?

Do you put up anything in jars? I was visiting my niece sat. She invited me to her pantry in the basement. Remember the smell of the old root cellars, in the grandmas farm house. I felt like a kid again. Wooden shelves against the stone wall, from floor to ceiling a beautiful array of processed veggies. Pickles of every kind, green beans, tomatoes, whole, juice, spaghetti sauce, corn, relish, 3 kinds. On and on, and I can proudly say I taught her a lot, and her mom. I thought, there is still hope!

Keep up sharing the beauty of earth. You do a great job.

Kjell Söderlund says:

U guys are awesome. The garden looks amazing. But I would put some hay on top to preserve the moisture and some rice husk in the dirt to make it more lighter and not so compact. Anyway, love it.
Take care and stay safe

Andrew Feaver says:

Don't like to teach an old dog new tricks mate! But your chainsaw chain needs tightening!!!!! . Have been around chainsaws all my life and a slack chain is very dangerous! . Keep up the good work, Best regards Andy.

Roger Landin says:

your not drunk if you can lay down on the floor without holding on.dean martin

Eric Everson says:

Looking good gents.

Jack Hill says:

Wonderfully entertaining fellas! Loved the aerial footage with the wonderful music to close out the video. …and it's goodbye from him! As always, thanks for sharing.

Charles Cox says:

Very nice, any news on SC?

Patrick Antwerp says:

"La dance macabre" (Camille Saint-Saêns) between Gordon and Geoff at the end 🙂

Sean smith says:

looking good guys

Usa Puthawong says:

If I were you two I will turn on my music loud and drink cool Leo beer in the air conditioner, 55555.
Just kidding.

full moonparty says:

You want to plant Geoffrey in the ground and water him every day and see what he produces

Usa Puthawong says:

I believe that you two could live over 100 years old.
Have a great day.

raymond blood says:

lil drip a fairy liquid in watering can helps it penetrate gt

yohjo kromwood says:

looks verry dry fore long time now i notic

David W_UK says:

Nice to see Geoffs 55%, at long last! What’s his opinion of the dam repairs? Up to his standards?

colin hawkins says:

Beginning to see a double act here what do you think Jeffrey lol

DreamHomesParkCity says:

Great drone footage with even better music. I keep trying to find your farm on google earth, no luck. Is there a nearby reference point you could mention?

Ewen Gillies says:

Say " Good Morning Girdon " …. Goid Morning Geoffrey … 555 … whst a pair of ????? … love ya. See Geoffs pretty good at stripping …
Garden coming along great… shame Geoff had to go … but he'll be back. Great camaraderie between you 2. Life's a journey of fun n enjoyment not just a destination. Great vlog guys. Bushyboy Oz.

Phyllis 4466 says:

Chores are always more fun when done with a friend.

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