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Organic Gardening – Learn how to grow healing food

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Organic Gardening – Learn how to grow healing food.

As a child in India my Dad helped me start my first garden. We saw so much poverty that growing food became very important. In fact, all I ever wanted to do was feed the starving world! To me, growing a garden is a necessity—not a hobby. It is something I have to do.

What do I do with all the knowledge I have learned over the last many years? For eight (8) years I have been teaching a garden class with six (6) rows demonstrating six different methods of gardening. For the backyard garden workshops, I have combined the BEST of those six rows.

Our soil is so depleted that we do not get the nutrition from the foods our bodies need. I have learned to balance the soil and grow high brix (high nutritious) produce creating “healing” foods.

The interest in growing high nutritious foods in our own back yards is overwhelming. People are excited to learn how and are amazed at the results.

In our workshops we learn how to:

1. Grow 1oo lbs. tomatoes on one plant as compared to six (6) lbs. per plant grown commercially.

2. We plant a tree using the Ellen White method that will grow so much faster (300%) and healthier than the average planting method – it is almost too good to be true!

3. Learn how to use ocean water in your garden to create “healing” foods.

4. How to fertilize, build rows to retain water and eliminate weeds and the best way to protect your garden from gophers, deer, etc., and more…..

We are committed to helping you grow the best garden you ever had.

CALL FOR DETAILS 530-622-4967

Lynn Hoag, President lynnhoag@hotmail.com

Elizabeth Hoag, Office Manager elizabethhoag10@hotmail.com

Sun Country Gardens – www.suncountrygardens.com


Weirdo Plus NONE says:

That's cool my daddy is a fan of this method and built an amazing garden

SunCountryGardens says:

Learn more in our new book available at our web site: http://www.suncountrygardens.com/store/c16/New_Book_Packages.html

SunCountryGardens says:

We offer a free Ellen White tree planting diagram on our web site at http://www.suncountrygardens.com. For any one interested in it.

Thank You!! 

Sun Country Gardens Team.

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