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Organic Gardening Tips In Winter With KVUSMC

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Organic Gardening Tips In Winter With KVUSMC Hi Ya’ll This Is A Video On Tips That I have Learned Over The Years To Having A Good Winter Organic Garden I’m Growing Collards, Kale, Spinach , German hardneck Garlic II can Grow The Garlic Again Year After Year I love Garlic Thanks For Watching Kenny


Garden Sheds Devon says:

I'd love watching your video and I've learned from it. Thanks for sharing these tips that I also believe anyone can benefit. Organic gardening is really one of the most helpful variety of gardening even at home.

KVUSMC / Kenneth W Viar Jr says:

That Is A Great Idea I Have Thought Of That Also That Would Be Super Good Project Thanks Lucky Strike Kenny

Lucky Strike says:

If you wouldn't mind a few hints at a better winter yield, and to save yourself bending your back: Build a greenhouse, next build some troughs raised off the ground where the soil is roughly at waist level, fill with fresh soil. A greenhouse would trap some of the sun's heat.and you could even get some fluorescent Glo Sticks [Low Wattage High Lumens] to help along during the winter season.

KVUSMC / Kenneth W Viar Jr says:

Sounds Great Brother I Bought My seeds From The Seed Man Look It Up any Variety You want It Is Legal For Home Use !You can Cure It as Long as You want a few Months Or When You Think Is Right I Grow Mine Mostly To Chew Or Pipe Smoke I Take & put Mine In A Marinade Like Molasses ,Rum , Pure Apple Juice , Cinnamon , Real Mint Leaf Etc I marinate It A Week Or Month Then Smoke / dry It Out In My Smoker A Slow Cold Smoke Brother It is really Good All Natural

WORRO01 says:

530 6 o clock, and all of yall are MORE than welcome anytime man!! Come on down!
Do you make chew or smoke it or what? Interesting stuff there,, I was thinking about trying to grow some. Curing for 4 years??? Are you serious? I had NO idea it took that long!

KVUSMC / Kenneth W Viar Jr says:

John You Aren't Kidding Brother I love My Collard Greens Yes I also Grow Tobacco I Still Got Some Curing After 4 Years Buddy Ole Home Grow Organic Tobacco What Time is Dinner Brother

WORRO01 says:

Hey bro, dont you grow tobacco also? Seems like I seen some in a vid of yours a while back.
Good video man, we having some collards tonight! Big ol Ham too, and sweet potatoes, it's gonna be GEWD!

KVUSMC / Kenneth W Viar Jr says:

Thanks Billy OORAH Brother

TheBillytheJack2010 says:

Green Thumb, Green Marine. LOL, It all make sense now, LOL. thanks for showing, SemperFi

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