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Organic Gardening: Tips On Growing Cucumbers On A Trellis ~ Garden Update

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I decided to grow cucumbers on a trellis to save space in my raised beds. My back is happy too! I was amazed at how easy it was to train the cucumbers to grow up on a trellis.


Tracey's World says:

what a beautiful garden so neat and clean but most of all ORGANIZATIONED THATS PRICELESS !!!

Patricia Ncube says:

You garden is beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

Tina And Ryan says:

Amazing we subscribed to ur lovely  channel please sub back to us thank you !

BeautyAndBrainsGirls says:

I am amazed! You have done a great job! So great for your health and yummy too!

BeautyAndBrainsGirls says:

Organic gardening ! That is my dream! You do now understand – spend so much money at WholeFoods !

Lina B says:

What kind of trellises do you use? Where can I purchase them?

Binkie The Crafty Creative says:

I love watching your channel ❤️

Curtis MiLLER says:

That's a beautiful garden. I came looking for the cucumber trellis inquiry, but wow what a garden.

Cbhpllc says:

Beautiful gardens!

nery colon 1 says:

Beautiful garden with a great harvest. Loved and Subbed.

Budget Mommy says:

just subscribe to your channel please sub me back to love your channel

Zen O says:

organics are the best keep this up!

Iris Rodríguez says:

LOVE IT 💚💚💚💚💚💚

Carla Dukes says:

Hi I am also growing my cucumbers on a trellis.  My cucumbers were recently attacked by cucumber worms.  I am trying to do every organic.  Can you share how you keep your garden healthy?  I notice you have mulch in your beds.  Do you find this to be very helpful?

Mech says:

I absolutely love your garden. Every year I try to improve on mine, love the set up. I'm hoping to plant more leafy veggies this year. Never seem to have luck with them. Any pointers??

Boris Chang says:

Nice garden. But please skip the music. I want to hear you talk without the annoying distraction. 🙂

DLynn Cross says:

You have the most beautiful garden

2LearnMore says:

Nice! You inspire.

Alan Chun says:

Great looking vegetable garden!

Tonio Yendis says:

Wow, you have your very own Farmer's Market. I bet your friends and neighbors love you!

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