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Planting A Vegetable Garden From Seeds | Organic Gardening

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Planting a garden for the first time is exciting and a little nerve wrecking. First time gardeners are not sure if they have the green thumb needed or just nervous about the results. Continue to follow us along as we navigate growing our first garden! Enjoy!

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FrugalMommaNTheWoods says:

Have a great and blessed day, thanks for sharing

FrugalMommaNTheWoods says:

Gardening so rewarding, the work becomes beautiful foods

FrugalMommaNTheWoods says:

Your gonna have lots of yummy healthy produce

FrugalMommaNTheWoods says:

Yummy selection of seeds your growing

FrugalMommaNTheWoods says:

I love home grown veggies and fruits,

M&H Munchdown says:

Your video might just get me out in my back yard gardening lol. I love these videos Sis

All Things Keii says:

Thanks forsharing

Super MomGo says:


Willie Mae Johnson says:

I'm doing a patio garden ,and I will be doing seedings  next good info

Chat n' Chew with Ms. J says:

Hey sis. I watched your video this morning. I enjoyed the planting process and seeing those little seedlings shooting up…..😊Your garden is coming along nicely. Can't wait for the harvest🌽🥗🥒🥕Have a blessed weekend ~ love ya much🙏😍🙏

Over50andFantabulous says:

Nice to the see the progress after only a week! I have two tomato and one pepper plant.
I am so glad you shared with us my friend. Enjoy a wonderful weekend.

~ Sister Lynn

Keeping up with the Joneses says:

I cannot wait for the update!!!

Swt Sadie J. TV says:

Wonderful planting. Happy Harvest my Sweet friend.

AsTheTubeTurns says:

Hey Tracie! I love watching gardening videos. I enjoyed this 🤗

BroadwayGardener says:

Im excited to see an update after your seeds start taking off! Happy Gardening

LocalJax ASMR says:

Wonderful garden. Thanks for sharing dear

Cynthia Cotton says:

Daddy would be very happy that you are a little gardener.😉 Very well done!

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