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Planting Tomatoes in Healthy Soil inside Raised Wood Chip Organic Gardening Bed 101- Part 3

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Part 3 of 6..HOW to build a heavy duty Trellis. Planting these tomatoes ( NATURE”S Healthy Soil ) in this Raised Wood Chip Organic Gardening Bed 101. 2 ft Tall wood chip organic gardening bed with this great design. Basic organic gardening 101.

aluminum fence ties. I got them at Amazon.com. They are the 9 gauge ones, the longer the better. THANK YOU.


Lauren Gruer says:

I love your videos!! Thanks so much for all of these.

Zeb says:

Aluminum Fence Post ??? Could not understand the word. What are they called, and where did you buy them? You used them to attach the cattle panel to the T-Post. Thanks

Donald Damron says:

Watched again, get more each time, great info

Ry Kim says:

What great information! I am totally new to gardening, and starting fresh at my new home. Thank you very much for sharing. Sub'd!

Renee Brutvan says:

Hi, thank you, great series! My question is whether you can use purslane as a substitute for the clover. I rent a patch at the community garden and most people hate the stuff. This is only my 2nd try at a garden, and think it's pretty, so I let it grow in between my plants as living mulch when they're young, kind of like nursemaids. When the weather gets dry, I pull a lot up and sort of spread out the pulled up plants on the top of the soil, so now it's just regular mulch. Then a lot grows back, but I keep it further away from the bottoms of plants. Then I turn it all under in the fall. I have no idea if that's a good idea or not.

joyce jay says:

Missle-silo="My neighbor's a prepper."!! You're Funny!

cookinmom says:

Man…I would love to plant some potatoes in that bed of woodchips. I took some potatoes and threw them on the ground of my garden and covered them with 8-10 inches of 1 yr old woodchips. I had the most beautiful potatoes ever!! Did you find that the bed dried out much? Happy gardening/farming!

hello yous says:

nice i'm gonna try and build 1 of these this weekend thank you sir

Steve Gillaspie says:

I have about 20 indeterminate tomato plants. They are planted in wood chips that are going on 4 years old. I used worm castings, coir, and organic soil amendment. They were planted too early but it was early or die situation. My question is this; when the weather turns hot and humid I lose nearly all my blooms around 95% of them I have planted them in the same place for 4 years and they do the same thing every year. They also get what appears to be early blight.
Any suggestions???

Carpe Diem says:

you have a very familiar voice ! do you sing?

hope crews says:

nice video I like the way this is configured for companion plantings.

Rafs Kitchen Garden says:

Hi, Nice job with trellis ! Also thanks for the tip about clover about keeping weeds at bay, I'm replacing my lawn in back yard with clover for last 2 years it almost completely took over that lawn and I stopped fertilizing it completely now, hope clover will produce nitrogen for it self.

The artistic gardener says:

Love watching your process ! Thanks for sharing !

OneYardRevolution | Frugal & Sustainable Organic Gardening says:

I love the raised bed and the approach you're taking with it, Mark! I look forward to seeing how it turns out.

BeeFriendlyApiary says:

Nice work!!! Can't wait to see the finished root zone in October…

Plants and Games says:

Im in central Jersey. I am having a big problem with early blight and aphids with my tomato plants. I think its because my soil is messed up. Do you have any suggestions as to what plant next year in my plot to help improve my soil? How long do I have to wait to plant tomatoes in the same area. Thank you, I enjoy your videos.

Andy says:

Do you normally plant your tomatoes this late or was this more for the videos sake? Just asking because I am in South Jersey and I planted my seedlings outside in the beginning of may. I am pretty much a beginner, this is the first time I started from seeds indoors. Anyway, love your channel.

PrepperBuddy says:

Great video Mark.

Cody Taber says:

Have you planted strawberries with tomatoes with good success before? I was about to do that a couple days ago but several companion planting guides say they are not compatible and some imply they are bad together. Something about Verticillium. I just don't know, so please don't take it as me challenging you. It would be good for me if I knew I could safely plant strawberries with tomatoes, and squash.

CheckSSForm says:

Looks great Mark. I'm knee deep in tomatoes already. thanks for the advice and videos and keep em coming.

chevy6299 says:

How long before you need to rebuild the raised bed. I know you will get some settling and you can replace the lost inches but at some point I think that will be minimal.

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