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Professor Green: Living in Poverty (Documentary – 2017)

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One in four children in Britain today are growing up in poverty. Experts say these figures are predicted to rise by nearly one million kids in the next five years.

Rapper-turned-documentary maker Professor Green – aka Stephen Manderson – has done well, but he grew up in a home where there was a lot of stress over money.

In this intimate documentary, Professor Green sets out to uncover what life is like for young people living on the breadline today. Over several months he spends time with 10 year-old Kelly Louise, whose family have just been evicted from their home. They can’t afford a deposit on a new property and, facing the possibility of being homeless, Kelly Louise’s life is turned upside down.

Professor Green also follows the story of 14 year-old Tyler who has been living in cramped emergency accommodation for 18 months, and witnesses the damaging consequences of poverty on Tyler’s life now and in the future.


michelle88960 says:

Heartbreaking. Reading some of the comments on this, my thoughts were Karma's a bitch. You never know when your world will come crashing down. You can have your life in order one minute, then it can change on a sixpence. I had a nice house once, but left my violent ex, I started training as a nurse, then I had to get somewhere smaller as I didn't have much money. My ex then stole my daughter, and we ended up in a custody battle, I had to leave my training and fight him. I lost everything, my career, my home, my family, and couldn't afford to eat. I went 5 days once without eating anything. I had no money, as I was paying back solicitors. I then ended up in one of the worst housing estates in the UK, became depressed, took drugs – made me happier, came down – felt depressed, took drugs – happier etc. etc.
Got away and life's a bit better, but don't ever judge anyone, this can happen to anybody. Circumstances, life, experiences, divorce, can alter you in a way you never thought possible. And people who make judgements on the people in this programme by Stephen, are heading for a fall. Never judge anybody until you have been in their shoes for 1 minute.

"I wish that for just one time you could stand inside my shoes
And just for that one moment I could be you
Yes, I wish that for just one time you could stand inside my shoes
You'd know what a drag it is to see you."

Bob Dylan – Positively 4th Street

Toni Anthony says:

Living in in what?  Where?  You don't keep on popping out baby's when you are poor! Duh!

MrCarpmagic95 says:

Thing is though they have nothing and say its not their fault etc and then go and steal from people who are also struggling

Jade Williams says:

Professor green💙 is a gawg x

kelly fallbrook says:

There is so much I could say about this. none of it detrimental to the people in the film. I am poor, always have been, but i have always worked. still poor though. I do not think any less of anyone on benefits. The thing is we where raised in poverty,. we believed we had to work hard for a living, even though it most certainly DOES NOT make you any better off than been on benefits. I could talk all day on this subject. I am 47 and still working my way out of poverty. i have so much ambition, and strive hard to be where I want to be. I know how easy it is to feel defeated, because it hardly pays to work. |Where I am , the Asian community have got it right. They live together and save on housing costs, they all contribute to a better life. The price they pay though, is lack of privacy and space. On the other hand my family value their privacy and space and try to do it alone .that makes the struggle even worse. You can get out of it, but you need a hell of a lot of ambition and knowledge, poverty knocks the stuffing out of people.

Life Wisdom says:

People, who think they are poor, would be better to spare their time watching documentary about poverty outside the UK, not just TV programme on celebrities and their luxurious lifestyle. The level of deprivation outside UK most of the time is even
worst, with barely nothing at all. No wonder, people from parts of the world without welfare system, who watch this video will think how good to be in the UK for even being poor. Bearing in mind the reality that there are homeless people on streets of the UK that actually are worse than what is captured in this video. It may be wrong to suggest that they are still lucky and they
should be grateful, however, for those who suffer day by day, what I can suggest is the shift of mindset to see the situation in a different perspective, and to get on with life. The concept of being poor portrayed in this video covers the vanity issue, which is not a matter of life and death. The saying ‘man does not live by bread alone’ fits in the context of this video well. Wonder if
the attention on mind and spirit is nonexistent until there is no aspect of faith at all in life. People, who assist them in any profession, can bring them to channel the frustration into seeking the spiritual matter in life, to consider joy, peace, beauty, and wealth not solely on material things. However, this doesn’t mean to let those in power for decision to put this problem not in
the top priority. If there is a way around it financially, those in power need to deal with it. By the way, I am inclined to remind all folks that hoax is everywhere and around us.

david tunnicliff says:

they should all watch the pursuit of happiness……….might cheer them up a bit………..the geordie guy could retrain as a chef…………..theres tons of work for chefs and minimum pay would still be more than they get in benefit….plus they still have child benefit for there kids…………mum could work two nights a week as care assistant……………

Andrea Gulasova says:

Feel so sorry for kids , they have no blame in this situation , what kind of future is waiting for them.Society need to offer some solution if not they will have nothing to build life on.

Ercan Kilic says:

Professor of Degeneration , fuck these filthy Mudshark mass murders , they should burn in hell , they dont deserve a good Life , thats my opinion.

Codrin Vechiu says:

if you are poor don't have kids, its a big mistake  try t be financially stable  then have them don't just make a bunch of kids and then complain you cant support them

christine campbell says:

Oh my goodness. I am shocked to see the guy who is doing the documentary wearing a Canada Goose Coat. The most cruel makers of coats anywhere. I live in Canada and those coats are made by trapping and clubbing or knifing wild Coyotes who most of the time sit in traps for days, sometimes biting their own legs off to get back to the den and their young cubs. The coat is stuffed with duck and geese feathers which are pulled out of birds while they are alive and awake with no pain killers at all. It is absolute hell for the birds. Please don't wear Canada Goose Jackets. There is cruelty in every stitch

djlazerblue says:

That 10 year old seems more mature than her mum fucking sad

djlazerblue says:

Get of ur lazy fat arse and stop breeding kids you can't afford

Land Lord says:

Nicky stop buying I phones if you eaven have no money for food and kids toys…

Macky1101 says:

How come they don't show Asian single mums?

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