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Professor Green: Living In Poverty UK

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ENGLAND PLEASE COME TOGETHER AS ONE !! URGE PEOPLE TO HELP AND CARE FOR THE CHILDREN IN THE UK, ALL DONATIONS NO MATTER HOW SMALL OR BIG, HELP!!! SADLY WE DO NOT HAVE MANY CHARITY’S THAT FOCUS ON OUR PROBLEM HERE IN THE UK, BUT I WILL LIST AS MANY AS I CAN POSSIBLE, PLEASE FEEL FREE TO COMMENT AND LEAVE MORE LINKS FOR DONATIONS, PLEASE SHARE AND SUBSCRIBE, THANKS …… www.barnados.org.uk ……. www.actionforchildren.org.uk …… www.childrenssociety.org.uk …….. One in four children in Britain today are growing up in poverty. Experts say these figures are predicted to rise by nearly one million kids in the next five years.
Rapper-turned-documentary maker Professor Green – aka Stephen Manderson – has done well, but he grew up in a home where there was a lot of stress over money.
In this intimate documentary, Professor Green sets out to uncover what life is like for young people living on the breadline today. Over several months he spends time with 10 year-old Kelly Louise, whose family have just been evicted from their home. They can’t afford a deposit on a new property and, facing the possibility of being homeless, Kelly Louise’s life is turned upside down.
Professor Green also follows the story of 14 year-old Tyler who has been living in cramped emergency accommodation for 18 months, and witnesses the damaging consequences of poverty on Tyler’s life now and in the future.


Damian Martinez says:

Tyler reminds me of a teen on YouTube I forgot his YouTube name but he goes to restaurants and eats chicken and burgers

ercan kilic says:

and ask yourself why the fuck are they using the letters bbc , we are all seeing that letters worldwide , and why the fuck are all the microphones in a black color ? this is no coincidence its psychological infiltration.

moly mon mole says:

This ain't poverty go Africa go Asia you will see poverty fuck of this is just stupid bum parents that's the problem no blame to the children.

Another Mother says:

Those kids, especially that little girl, are so precious. Bright, mature, intelligent with a sense of responsibility. I would be proud to have any of them as my kid

Michelle Sharkey says:

I just cried through this

Doodlebug0 Egehhe says:

My mum is poor but we have the basic like food clothes heating beds my mum is always she want money it breaks my heart and I love my mum and I have to see her struggle

Indigo Smoke says:

In tears within the first five minutes. I've been in this situation before and it brings back so many bad memories.

Molly Jones says:

these sperm donors who walk out need to be held accountable and financially provide!

Molly Jones says:

dads who walk out should be ashamed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2 hours of falling says:

Bmth in the background

Billy K says:

It may sound simplistic? But may I ask anyone interested, to PRAY for these kids! Prayer does indeed work. All the faithful reading this, know I am correct. Not everyone has the funds to help. But anyone can and should pray for these poor children.

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