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Q & A #1, Back to Eden Organic Gardening Method 101 with Wood Chips for Building Healthy Soil

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Q & A #1, Back to Eden Organic Gardening Method 101 with Wood Chips for building healthy soil,. What is the name of this Fungi? What does it do? And is it ( AMF )Mycorrhizal Fungi. How do you tell?


Kenneth Herndon says:

Hello Mark , I have watched 8 of you videos and I have to say you are doing a great job , of helping me understand soil .
Thank you so much for doing this . I find it most helpful .

Katie McD says:

Thank you so much for your information! I always thought the chips built the soil!!
Can you please tell me why you think Paul's BTE garden has had so much success with out planting grass cover like you suggest? Do you think the plant's roots have made his soil what it is today then? I don't believe he has ever planted any other plants to help build the soil, right? So maybe over time the roots of the plants built his soil underneath the chips?

genconex says:

I've been watching your videos and find them both interesting and informative on building soil.

It makes me wonder if a mixture of leaves and wood chips would be better than using wood chips or leaves by themselves. To me this would make perfect sense because of how forest floors are littered with both.

Kind of a best of both. Get the moisture holding capabilities of the wood chips and the ability to continually grow roots in the ground through the leaves.

Burke Mawby says:

Can you show us a sample of both fungi (Mycorrhizal and Saprophytic) together via the microscope? Inquiring minds need to know.

Jeff LaPorte says:

Another great video. Thank you Mark. You just motivated me to break out my microscope as well. :). You might also be interested in the work of Paul Stamets. He's spent a lifetime studying mycelium and fungi. One of his more popular videos is 6 ways mushrooms can save the world. Lot of good info in there on how it all works. He also has many other more detailed videos. Good for winter viewing. :).

Robert Stockley says:

Great Stuff. I here that King Stropharia are Choice mushrooms that break down the wood chips fastest. Might as well get a saprotroph you can eat when it fruits…I'm gonna try and establish these in my yard… any thoughts? Much gratitude for all your vids.

Wendell Weckter says:

How do you encorage the growth of mycorrhizal fungi? I have plot of land I am getting ready to put cardboard /woodchip and leaves down and wasn't to know if there is anything else I should dip before starting

Reghardt Rautenbach says:

Hi Mark, thanks for this as my whole BtE garden is covered with this Fungi and very little of the seeds I plant seem to come up, I have to get them started in the greenhouse first and then transplant. I really appreciate your videos. Reghardt, Cape Town, South Africa

Jeff says:

Ha ! Thank You for this….I am correcting folks in our garden clubs all the time !

Josh Speece says:

thank you for answering this question. I too have seen this in my woodchips and was mistaken as to what it is. thanks again for the clarification. your channel is awesome and very informative.

OhHowHappyGardener says:

Thanks for sharing. So which cover do you prefer to use– wood chips or Fall leaves?

Stilgar74 says:

As always Mark another fantastically informative post… a very accessible and simple to understand version of the Soil Food Web teachings of Elaine.. this compliments her lectures wonderfully.. I'm still floored over your last video and the B2E soil breakdown in water.. look forward to your next video! BTW are you getting much in the way of wild violets or crab grass in your rows? Doesn't look like you are from the previous videos.. curious whether you would leave them in ground this time of year if you did

tsx3214 says:

Thank you Mark…very informative.



BeeFriendlyApiary says:

Nice information…our yard with triple ground up mulch has this type of fungus growing all over…when it's in very small pieces the fungus seems no longer present…

A little dirt never hurt says:

Love you and your channel! I have watched many of Elaine's seminars on line and all of them have been excellent. I recently started a BTE food forest in my yard and your videos have been a huge help and inspiration. I have an enormous amount to learn, but have never had more fun!! Thank you, and best wishes to you and yours from Central Alberta!!

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