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Q&A Part 2 | Lifestyle, Diet, Germany & Green living

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Part 2 of my Q&A, watch part 1 here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JIO2ERC981c it focuses more on capsule wardrobes, sustainable fashion, and minimalism.

Things mentioned:
I use StayFocusd on my computer to block websites while I work

Happy Cow lists vegan-friendly restaurants around the world https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hzAB0AIN6l4

Unnatural Vegan https://www.youtube.com/user/FitOnRaw

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fu4realtalk says:

I'm really looking forward to your video about perfectionism and environmentalism, I struggle with the same issues around veganism as you mentioned. Keep up the good work, I love your videos x

Brooke Allen says:

Love this channel! I totally agree with you about the slower more intentional lifestyle in Germany vs the busy and live to work attitude of America. I spent three years in Germany (raised in the us) and then moved back and I felt so overwhelmed! Now having been back for about two years I'm definitely in the minority of wanting to work less intensely and enjoying life outside my job, but I'm enjoying the freedom of growth the us offers too.

Nina says:

Hey Erin! I'm relatively new to your channel, but I just had to tell you how much it influenced my view about sustainability. I honestly never thought about what material my clothes were made of, or that quality is more important than quantity. Your channel was suggested to me by youtube and I watched a view of your videos recently. You really got me thinking! Even though a capsule wardrobe isn't for me I'm really trying now to be aware of the waste I produce and the things I buy. Thank you!

Mikaela McCarthy says:

Just started watching your videos and feel so inspired! They are so well put-together and I am seriously considering trying out my first capsule wardrobe which will be a HUGE challenge for me. Thank you for these videos, I am feeling more and more like I could possibly do it!

annininanina says:

Thank you very much for answering Verena!
I loved this kind of video, I hope that you will keep doing them!!
Also I would love to hear your thoughts on sustainability/perfectionism because it is definitely something I think a lot about…

Marina Grechko says:

Thank you very much for this video.

I've also moved to Germany some time ago from Ukraine and have the feeling that people here are more about actual living, not surviving or just making money and buying more stuff. A lot of people in Germany are also concerned about sustainable living, slow living and just aware off the impact their living making to the environment.

What I'm currently missing it a information about european/worldwide sustainable brands gathered in one place. I started to do gather all shops I find myself, was wondering if you are planing to do something like that?

Tawny Tuppence says:

Yes, make a video on perfectionism! Great video, thanks.

naturallysimple says:

You're my role model…

Nicolle Kalivoda says:

Hi Erin, I'm also a Canadian living in Europe and my life here is in some ways more Eco-friendly than it was when I was in Canada. The main difference is that I don't have a car anymore and use public transit which has a really good infrastructure where I live. I don't get coffee or food to go so much here, it's less common than in Canada and shops charge extra for containers. Europeans take the time to sit down with their meals or coffee and just enjoy the moment. Another nice thing about Europe is that the produce is more fresh and so much is local. In Canada we depend a lot on California and Mexico for year-round produce so it doesn't always taste amazing. I miss the wide open spaces of home but living abroad has taught me how live on a smaller scale and to value relationships and experiences more than shopping for tons of things to fill up my life with.

Beatriz Goulart says:

Hello Erin. I'm here to ask you if you know any online store that sells eco-friendly swimming suits that sells around Europe?

cassandra says:

I totally agree with you- I am american and living in Switzerland for over five years now. I find the pace of life slower, more cyclical. The people seem to know how to live better- more well-rounded lives, with work, life, family, hobbies etc.

ochoheido says:

I like your veganism. My husband and I are the same way and it can be hard to communicate to people who want a straight-up "vegan" or "normal" answer when it comes to eating. I like living out of those boxes and it's refreshing to have some company!

Also, I live in the US but have visited Europe several times, visiting family and friends' family, and I agree with you on the work-balance differences. I think I would prefer and thrive surrounded by a more European attitude (I would love to move to Europe, but the logistics for us are scary), but try to still live with that balance here in the US.

Jenny says:

You should make that video about perfectionism in veganism and environmentally friendly lifestyle communities. I would share the crap out of that.

belladonna2007 says:

I'm hesitant to admit that I'm vegan for a lot of the reasons you mention. I like your approach, and you explained why well.

kiwimum13 says:

Planes are actually a really sustainable way to travel long distances if you need to travel trains (with the exception of electric trains) fairies and car is actually more damaging. Love your vids keep them coming xx

Marticore says:

So I've never been outside Europe, but when you asked about the differences, I really felt like expressing my view of differences inside Europe. I live in Poland, so not that far from you and it's a completely different world. I can't compare to Germany specifically, but I've been on Manchester UK, Milan and Amsterdam on few-day trips and I felt like I was on a different planet after taking only like a 2-hour flight. In England everyone is super kind, always asking how you are and thanking you for everything, even though it's them that helped you, lol. In Milan it was the city that I totally fell in love with… The art, the architecture, and how it's managed. And also a lot of sun and warm weather, even though I was there in November 😀 In Amsterdam my first shock was how excellent Dutch people speak English, even older people. It's very, very rare in Poland. Then of course the "everything's allowed" law (that I don't love everything about). Poland is not a very eastern country, but I still feel like it's way behind the rest of Europe. I would really love to be able to compare it to Canada and the USA one day though.

Celia Murry says:

Can you do a video for sustainable jeans please? I know of a few brands but I'm interested in knowing more. :)

Irene says:

What is the name of the program called that blocks websites? That would definitely improve my productivity!

IndigoFairy says:

Thank you for the videos that you are making, in the first place! I would like to know if in Germany there is a big… market, or how to call it, for veganism and sustainable living, and if there are meetings and gatherings of the people that are into this, like YouTube content makers and such. I am moving soon to Germany and I am really interested in all this stuff. I heared you saying something about an event in Berlin, so I would like to know more on that! Thank you again and have a great time there!

virginie corbo says:

Where do you live in Germany? Im also a Canadian Living near Düsseldorf! Id love to know where this unverpackt Store is!! Im so looking for one of These Shops!! Please let me know of its in The Düsseldorf Area!! Thanks

zaraxx says:

I went to the ethical fashion show last year when I was interning in Berlin! The best conference I've ever been to, just so interesting! xxx

karla tainá dalcero says:

I really like your point of view in veganism and totally agree! And I loved the Q&A videos!

Chanda Harkins says:

That's exactly how we used to describe ourselves – vegan at home. I appreciate your attitude and approach very much. We just have to do our best in what works for our own journey.

WaterlilyHeart says:

Hi Verena!!i'm from Italy please tell us if you come to italy ,i'd love to see you!!

Seska Lee says:

I'd love your take on perfectionism and sustainable living. The word that popped into my head when you said perfectionism and the environmental movement was sabotage. I have felt that judgment from others and from myself about myself. It's so unfortunate.

Sarah Bond says:

You're so awesome!! You've incorporated all of these ideal lifestyle choices and still balanced your life with moderation. I can't tell you how inspired I am for having watched this! :)

Samantha Lindsey says:

I really loved hearing your answers, especially to the vegan questions. Well said! I would definitely love to see the perfectionism video. ❤️

diverstalent says:

Thank you

lola bilancetti says:

I've never thought of saying it but you DID help me downsizing my belongings in general and be more content with what I have… Thank you very much. What you do really means something to a lot of people. ❤

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