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Quick Update On The House Hunt

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We’re still here! Just a quick update on our house hunt.

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We are taking you along on our journey to become more self reliant and self sustainable. Join us as build our skills in the areas of canning, prepping, gardening, woodworking, and learning old time methods of living.

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Jaime and Jeremy

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Clark Guerrero says:

sure miss your videos, you are neat  people and hope to see you find that next place. Looking forward to the future.

Carol Ann Keen says:

You are canning without us? 🙂

Tonie Lynn says:

I have missed the video. Been thinking of y'all.

Part-Time Permies says:

Well, you have one advantage. Since you have a place to live, you can make sure you get the right property for you without worrying about a temporary living space (unless you've already sold your house). The sellers' market should also be helpful when you go to sell your house. Hopefully you can get a decent price for it! I know that moving sucks and can be frustrating, but it is kind of exciting too!!! Good luck with it!

Lynn Brown says:

Yea! so good to see your smiling face, good luck with the house hunting. I understand about the canning, takes up a lot of time. we had chicken legs and thighs go on sale here for 37 cents a pound! Canning like crazy, hope to see you soon!

Rexy Smith says:

Nice to see this video ! I wish for all of you to find the right place, where you can do all the homestead you want🐔🐓🐤🐐 😊 can't wait to see future video of it !

Teal House Farm says:

Happy house hunting! Excited to see what you guys can find. Keep up the good work!

MiniSteading says:

Can't wait to see your future property. I hope when we are ready to sell our home it sells quick!

working mom says:

Great to see your face, good luck on the house hunt. Packing is never fun.

Jerry Coon says:

Good to hear from you guys. I figured you were really busy shopping or moving or packing or whatever. I have missed watching your videos. Good luck with the search. I was hoping you might have already found something. Wish I could help… LOL! Keep looking! Something will come along!!

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