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James Hunt says:

God your so pretty i wanna cum all over your face.

lotus gamez says:

like ohhh mi gawd its the selfie channel,,,,ffs

Randy Carey says:


Rich Sargent says:

Thanks for the video! ! Was looking at container builds and stumbled upon this.. Thanks for the brain food!! I'm from the U.S.. .Where is this ? For been I go down under! 😉 Lovely eyes young Miss! !

francis estanislao says:

pretty eyes 🙂

Rodrigues Bike says:

His Eyes Are Fireworks. Beautiful.

Bub7*7 T. says:

If I had a shipping container home 🏡 I would perhaps raise it about 1.2m off the ground level; so I can be High & dry ! 👍

Andy H says:

I'm blown away by your beautiful face! What a incredible creation.

Nu Duo says:

How high is the ceiling?

Almond Nut says:

I always want to ask where the container home gets the electricity and drinking water, especially those builded in the middle of the jungle?? How about the sewerage and drainage, where they go??

Marcos Betto says:

beautiful, but what about the wall protection ? do u not freeze in the winter or burn in the Summer ?

Ali Karakas says:

No insulation because The climate conditions are ideal looks tropical

Ali Karakas says:

How much cost the conctruction

filip pesevski says:

I have spent months researching into constructing shipping container houses and found a fantastic resource at Rohon home build (google it if you are interested)

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