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Should I Foliar Feed My Plants? and more Organic Gardening Q&A

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John from http://www.growingyourgreens.com/ answers your organic gardening questions.

Help John to close caption his videos and get your questions answered about your garden with the link below:

After watching this episode, you will learn John’s answers to these questions, and probably learn a few things along the way as well.

02:24 Can you do a video on what soil and amendments to fill raised beds with?
05:35 Do you install gardens at people’s homes?
06:21 Are there benefits to foliar feeding of plants or should I water the soil?
10:21 What is your opinion on self-watering vs drip irrigation?
12:28 What are your thoughts on soil reef biochar?
13:15 Will Ashitaba survive outside in the winter time?
15:13 If you needed to grow all your own calories in vegetables what would you grow?
17:22 Can I use a fried chicken container for a greenhouse?
19:33 What should I do about worms trapped in my compost tumbler?
21:56 Did you know there is human waste in Kelloggs products?
22:47 What is your opinion on using concrete pavers for growing?
25:18 Are you a proponent of foliar feeding compost tea?
26:50 How do I keep Jerusalem artichokes from becoming invasive?
27:28 How deep do my raised beds made out of pallets need to be?

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Filling my raised beds with my soil mixture:

Soil Amendments you may want to add to your soil:

How tall (deep) should your build your raised beds?

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Doom The foodie says:

What are some brands or can anyone point me to the proper place to buy some foliar feed

michael eisma says:

john how do you battle stink/squash bugs here in vegas

Jeremiah Wilson says:

how about rice hulls as a better than perlite amendment?

Coyote Spirit says:

i use crushed aloe and walnut tea on my plants

rick padgett says:

I can not stand at how you shout at me every time you open a session.

Technically Brilliant says:

yep i always feed my plants thru the leaves – but only nitrogen they get the usual daily water tho at the root level . A fine misting is adequate – and i only do this late evening just before it gets that nightly kind of temperature.

yes350yes says:

Just to reaffirm. If you want to foliar feed plants and whatever you use if your hope is for plant uptake you must foliar feed at the right time of day or you are wasting your time. Plant leaves pores/mouthlike openings[STOMATA] that are only open early morning and are closed during the heat of the day.. So its best to spray before 8am for results.

Brian Mattock says:

paranoid technophobe vibe on the cellphone and wifi rant @ 6:50?

Marilyn Maloch says:

I grow Jerusalem artichokes and they are kind of invasive but by the rhizomes and not the seeds, but they are very delicious as a cooked vegetable!

Manny Lenz says:

Thumbs up if you watched this because it had Foliar in the title and you wanted to hear John say Foiler.

Simone Kenzey says:

How often do u foliar fertilize your vegies?

S Ann says:

they are called Neonicotinoids:  imidacloprid, acetamiprid, clothianidin, dinotefuran, nithiazine, thiacloprid & thiamethoxam

itusvirus says:

+schmoyoho should songify some of your stuff xD "I'm a box, I'm in a cardboard box!" lol

Jen G. says:

John you had a video on vertical tower hydroponic gardens but didn't say where it was purchased or the cost or company. I searched to see if you have a website and don't see any link to a site out of youtube.

RossoCarne says:



Mike Wiscombe says:

John check out the chemical composition of old tyres you will be amazed at how organic they are. apart from the 0.001 percent of cadmium used in the manufacture an element present in the ground anyway.

1mtstewart says:

John, those concrete blocks are what I use also. I find they are stable and easy to build with. You can go as high as you like to reach, up or down. this year I am adding a berry patch with black, rasp and strawberries in a long fenceline bed!

I enjoy your videos very much.

Thank you

TheItalian Garden says:

compost tea is the best to feed during the summer when you don't have fertilizer. i tend to like to do soil drench of it in my container's. I have foliar fed it but just seemed i got better results when i used to to feed and activate microbes in the soil along with leach some nutrients into the soil for the plant.

Organic Gardening in North Carolina says:

Thanks for that john. Good advise as always.

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