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Simple & Green Cleaning | DIY, non-toxic & eco-friendly products

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My home cleaning products are super simple, these are the few natural ingredients and some of the DIYs I use. 🙂

Vinegar – white and apple cider
Baking Soda
Dr. Bronner’s soap https://shop.drbronner.com/pure-castile-liquid-soap (I love the peppermint scent)
– dilution cheat sheet: http://www.lisabronner.com/dilutions-cheat-sheet-for-dr-bronners-castile-soap/

For cleaning cloths I use both rags from old clothes and biodegradable cellulose cloths and sponges.

My natural rubber yoga mat mentioned it’s from Manduka (we have the eko and eko lite) https://click.linksynergy.com/deeplink?id=LraPxiBjWj8&mid=37873&murl=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.manduka.com%2Fyoga-mats%2Feko-mats.html *

Do you have any natural and simple cleaning recipes?

Thanks for watching!

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Silje Anthonsen Meum says:

I love making lemon and citrus vinegar <3 My favourite cleaning scent is actually Lemongrass, peppermint and rose. Truly the smell of spring!

bsocke says:

Awesome video, thanks a lot.
My girlfriend just told me about your channel and we are wondering what cleaning agent alternatives there are for our dishwasher.
Greets from river Rhine, germany.

NoIdea-Tsuki says:

The limonene from citrus fruits is a great cleaning agent! You know when you buy a cleaning product and it smells like orange, it is mostly because of the limonene. At home you can just throw oranges or citrus peels in your vinegar solution 🙂 . It is not concentrate and distilled like in commercial products but it helps and it smells great ^^

Consciously Pure says:

I've been using this mixture for a while now and absolutely love it 🙂

nesekaba says:

I looooove using Dr Bronner's citrus soap on my hardwood floors. The oils condition them and keep them shiny and it smells so good.

Liliensommer says:

I always wonder if the essential oil causes any discoloration (like on the materials e.g. on the toilet so that the white plastic toilet lid gets yellow or so)? Greets from Munich😊 (I recently found your channel and love it so much👍)

Kirsten V says:

I LOVE your lipstick. Do you mind sharing what it is?

Erja Steinmetz says:

Do you live in Germany? 😊

VeganGorge says:

I buy a big bottle of vinegar and throw all my citrus peels in there, it makes it everything smell amazing when I then use it to clean! Apparently you can also use rosemary although I've not tried this myself 🙂

Chanda Harkins says:

I have a strange attraction to natural cleaning videos. Thanks for sharing! You're awesome!

Youtube Icin says:

what is the difference between apple cider vinegar and white vinegar?

Tristan Devereaux says:

I got a nice yoga mat spray recipe from Yoga with Adriene's channel that works great. It's just water, witch hazel, and your choice of essential oil. 🙂 Also, I love Dr. Bronners! I use a bit of their soap in warm water to clean my floors and it works great! I even use it to clean my makeup brushes bc it's so gentle. My 2 favorites are peppermint and almond. If anyone needs an extra gentle fragrance free version their baby soap is amazing!!

Samantha Bix says:

Love love love all of your videos! Thankyou for sharing your wisdom. I was wondering if you could help me out. I’ve been on the hunt for a suitcase, I’m currently long term traveling in Canada and have been unsuccessful in my search for an eco friendly option. Any tips you could give would be fantastic! All the best 🙂

Christina Halaszyn says:

I have a stubborn husband that doubts more natural cleaning methods because they are not explicitly "anti-bacterial." He is particular concerned about cleaning meat juices off the counter and toilet germs. Any tips on how to get someone like him onboard?

Silke Stadler says:

Hi there, I live in Germany as – I think – do you. May I ask where you’re getting your baking soda? I always just find it in tiny bags in the supermarket.

Sanne WorkInProgrezz says:

Thanks for this video. You've explained it a super easy way. 🙂

koshka marvel says:

I found that vinegar spray gives me headaches, so im curious if it safe while inhaling. i use mix of soda/citric acid powder/mustard powder for dish cleaning and countertops. it bubbles when you add water, probably easier to use vinegar spray and soda/mustard mix for surfaces.

Ima Purnomo says:

I usually use vinegar water 1:3 ratio for cleaning my kitchen & bathroom. I use baking soda + hot water to unclog my drains. I blend smoothies everyday and use lots of fresh or freeze my own citrus. So I put all the peels into a large jar up to 3/4 full then top it off w/ white or apple cider vinegar and let it infuse for minimum of 1 month. Then I toss all the peels into my compost bins and use the citrus scented vinegar + water for cleaning

Lashlove16 says:

Liquid blue dawn with vinegar 50/50 best thing ever for hard water on shower glass doors

Beats the toxic chemical cleaning products

Danielle Miller says:

I also use vinegar-water mixtures for cleaning many surfaces. I even use it on mirrors and it always comes out with no residue, even with the tea tree oil that I add in. My microbiology professor said that counters are typically the most germ infested areas of the home, but not to routinely use bleach on them. To disinfect my sponges, I will boil them in a mug in the microwave. I'm not sure if anyone else uses a microwave to clean things.

MidlifeByKirstin says:

Great video! I ´ve pretty much switched to the same natural cleaning products. You might want to look into the ratio of your vinegar cleaner. "Essig-Essenz" is a concentrate (like Dr. Bronner´s) with 25% acid. Normal vinegar is around 5-8%. So quite a lot less (maybe a third or a fourth part "Essig-Essenz" to water should do… 🙂

Zwetschgin says:

Thanks for sharing! I have a question … what is baking soda called in German? I live in Switzerland and I know it is here, I just haven't found it yet!

Baobab says:

I just found out that Dr. Bronner’s makes something called “Sal Suds” that is slightly stronger than their regular soap. It’s meant for household cleaning. It has a very nice pine scent… am surprised not many people know about it! It’s not in enough stores :/

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