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» Hi friends! Today’s video we are exploring the subject of sustainability 😊 In honour of Earth Day coming up, I’m showing you some simple lifestyle swaps that you can add into your daily life to cut down on the amount of waste you make. It is SO easy to go more plastic free & bring a little green into your everyday life – I’d love to hear YOUR tips for living green/ zero waste living in the comments below!

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→ This video I am proud to partner with Kiehls Canada. (Thoughts/opinions are as always, my own (how boring to take someone else’s 😉



Karissa Pukas says:

🌿 What are your favourite products that help you live a more GREEN lifestyle?

Comment below 🌿

Kelsey Harvey says:

I literally do all of these things 🙌🏼 and I just started my worm farm and I’m obsessed with them already 😍

Jess Clorley says:

Yes!!!!! Love this

SandraOlufsen says:

Loved this! We need to take care of our planet 🙌🏻

Amy G says:

You absolutely inspired me to ask for the Thinx for Christmas and I LOVE THEM. My flow is heavy these days so I can’t go entirely without tampons, but they’ve definitely taken the place of pads at night for me. I wish they were more affordable so I could wear them every day during my long period lol.
I would love to compost but I don’t know where I’d take it. I live outside a city and don’t have a yard so do you have any advice how to find a ‘green bin’? Maybe that’s a Canadian thing :/ i also wish I knew where to take recycling since my trash company doesn’t offer it and it’s paid by my HOA so I don’t have another option. Advice?

Amy G says:


Jacen Starhunter says:

Hello a very well done video, appreciate it and enjoyed! :)👍👍💯

Selina says:

YAY Karissa!!!! Love this video 🙂 u rock xx

Amanda Azzarello says:

Loved this video so much <3

lorenaturtle says:

Thank you for standing up for our environment and talk about this topic Karissa! It's so much needed💚💙

Tinana D.I.Y says:

Sucha good video! Very interested in the beeswax wraps instead of cling film.

An Orderly Fashion says:

So happy to see you speaking about this. I’ve started to make small changes in an effort to reduce the amount of waste I produce as well. I take reusable produce bags to the supermarket now instead of using the plastic ones they supply, and I make an effort to avoid packaged foods where possible. I also started using matches to light my candles instead of buying plastic lighters. I’ll definitely be replacing all my plastic Tupperware with glass once they break. Thanks for bringing awareness to such an important issue!

_Marah _ says:

Thanks Karissa, I really loved this video. It's thought-provoking, easy to digest and doesn't make you feel guilty (I didn't feel like it come across as forceful or persecuting ). I use disposable straws more often than i would like to admit because I always felt like my straws weren't cleaned properly, and embarrassingly enough, I had never seen or thought of a straw brush cleaner so I will definitely be picking up one of those,thank you :D.

Matcha_and_Makeup says:

What I really don't understand is why beauty brands can't offer a refillable serve for their products. I don't want to buy a plastic bottle of Aesop soap or Oribe shampoo every time that I finish one, I want to be able to take my container to stores and just refill them!! And there is so much unnecessary plastic in packaging everywhere in the beauty industry! I always try to go for the glass bottle whenever possible, but it's really not easy when brands make it so wasteful on their end.

Brigitte Robson says:

Love this video Karissa, so informative and helpful for your viewers to have their eyes opened to simple ways of changing everyday habits into being more sustainable for our world’s future! 🙌🏻👏🏻

Narissa Leggett says:

Love this video!!!! More influencers need to put this message out there. Also, makeup wipes! Such a waste.

PPeffers says:

Glad someone as big as you is finally talking about this! 💚

Lily Merritt says:

Please post more videos like this!! 🌎💛

Stephanie Mallard says:

I’m moving to Vancouver area in July! Can’t wait lol That city is better in terms of waste, SK is rough, but I’m doing my best as of lately to reduce my amount of waste! No more one time use plastic! And toothbrushes, you can get a bamboo tooth brush. My fiancé and I are looking forward to composting and have our own garden too! Also reusable produce bags for shopping too. I forgot about worm farms until you mentioned that. We had at my university, it’s really cool ✌🏼 Thanks for sharing Karissa! ❤️

Imara Shubert says:

You should make more videos on sustainability and living green!! Thank you for spreading awareness and for making easy decisions that help the Earth a little more <3 much love

Erika Finotti says:

Karissa this is one of the most informative video ever. So happy khiels joined you and I was waiting for you to bring this topic up as YouTube content. Good job!

Amy Somerville says:

So nice to see you sharing information on this topic, especially from a beauty channel's perspective. Would be interested to hear your opinion on fast fashion and its impact on the world as well since many of your viewers may not be aware of just how damaging it is.
Keep up the great work and don't forget to remind yourself of all the little things you're doing to help (:

freethetomatoes says:

I would love more green & sustainable videos! This is an awesome idea!!! <3

Helaina Wheeler says:

If you haven't seen it already then i would definitely recommend watching 'the true cost' on netflix! its an amazing film and shows the devastating impact humans are having from where/ who we get our clothes from, so to anyone that's truly interested in making a change enviromentally it's a must watch! 🙂

Helaina Wheeler says:

Love love love that you are touching on such an important issue for today's society and especially for the beauty industry!! 🙂 only down side is that too my knowledge Keihls its crulety free 🙁 ! (as they test on animals/ sell to China xxx

Rochelle Suddens says:

Great video.Composting is strangely fun!!

Josie Sparks says:

Great video!

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