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Super High Tech Off-Grid Tiny House for Sustainable Living | Net Zero Energy Home

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This is a full tour of a super innovative net zero tiny house that is 100% solar powered! It has a roof made of integrated solar panels and an atmospheric water generator prototype. It’s insulated with vacuum insulated panels, it has a home automation system, a sliding loft, and more!

The Northern Nomad tiny home was designed and built by a group of students from Carleton University. In this video, we’re meeting up with the professor and 4 students who worked on this high tech green building project to get a full tour, and find out more.

Donate to help the students build Northern Nomad Version 2:

Northern Nomad Tiny House:

A huge thank you to Scott, Seungyeon, Josh, Chris and Dave for taking the time to share this project with us!

Thanks for watching!

Mat & Danielle


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Editing Credits:
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Filming Credits:
Mat of Exploring Alternatives

Digital Twin Walkthrough provided by Dave Payne
Photos of the Northern Nomad build provided by Carleton University


michelle bride says:

Nice, but still I need a staircase.

Jon Seymour says:

All that technology (or nology as most people call it) and still no guttering on the roof.

8Margaritta8 says:

Super ! Everything great! I see just one minus: the power station WITH MAGNETIC FIELD is located at the resting zone . It needs salt lamps or whatever to balance the impact… Smthing to improve… Good luck👨‍🌾

MR Nixon says:

Great vid! Thank you for sharing. My wife and I are doing our best to
prepare ourselves for the same type of lifestyle. We are currently
looking into solar power. Are you familiar with this guy? We are super
new at this so any feedback is appreciated. Thank you!

Mindy says:

How does one reach the loft?

Tor Mon says:

Yous are onto something. The housing market literally demands these, you will be rich very soon.

Micah Mitchell says:

What about the heat generated by the dehumidifier when used during warm/hot weather? Using a dehumidifier in a cool basement the heat is mitigated in the summer and welcome in the winter. But in this structure or similar…. ?

RandomPsychic says:

2:35 6 people around that dinner table???? What are they sitting on each other's laps?

Marie Blade says:

I think a lot of the ideas are inspirational like the dehumidifier but I guess my only observation like others, is that the natural concerns for a lot of people aren't necessarily being met which is live ability. From accessing the loft to storage to weight and even cost, I think it would be interesting to get the perspective of some people who currently live in a tiny house and see if maybe there are any places the students could improve.

SuperTlilly says:

I would DEFINITELY buy this but it does need some minor tweak

multisphere1 says:

How they climb to go to sleep? And where the toilet 🚽 stuff go? Sorry, but it’s part of living

tigergreg8 says:

I think it's a good looking home from the outside, and nicely done in the inside. The only concern I would have is, if solar panels are the roof, what happens in case of Hail, or something else that may damage the panel. Do you have to replace one whole panel at that time. The roof would concern me, even if it is a good idea.

MrHagenbeek says:

In the Netherlands there are regular fires in the summer on construction projects that mount solar panels 'cold' on the roof (in-roof systems). Probably the wiring or connections gets too hot.

Peggy Chapman says:

I would love to this gorgeous home

Small Axe says:

Can you say schlueter?

Some_guy on_the_internet says:

I will not live in a pod. I will not eat the bugs.

Phil LeBlanc says:

Awesome video again! The car driving backwards is a great touch.

James P says:

When the American's say Tiny House = You need a truck to haul it.

litestreamer says:

What I never hear about in these modern designs/builds is the metered readings for all types of EMF fields created that permeate throughout the structures – a huge blindspot in architecture.

Alex Dar says:

I wish they had open sourced the design. When you ask the community to contribute and fund a project that can be open sourced, sharing is the first thing you have to do.

Joe Mccallum says:

The only downside to that insulation, it does a great job at blocking all cellular and wifi signals….. basically rendering the home useless for Internet and phone use

Joseph Atnip says:

The only problem with a environmentally friendly Green tiny house is you need a 5.9 turbo Diesel to pull it ….. And it's so small it's like living in a prison cell

Sylvia Mckee says:

Where is the storage?

J King says:

Summer=Burning Hot Winter=Ice Cold No exception for these kinds of houses. I think ppl should know.

lorraine uy says:

A digital model of tiny house to run tests? I need a tiny house construction team that can run something like that! 🤩

lorraine uy says:

Atmospheric water generator? Tell me more.

lorraine uy says:

How is the insulation? Have you tried to put this house through a Canadian winter?

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