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SUPER HONEST Eco Friendly RICKSHAW | Not ALL try to scam you

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Most of the time Rickshaws in India are not really honest and always charge you more especially when you are a foreigner. This time our driver was the most honest we encountered in Guwahati and we had an awesome rickshaw ride talking to everybody!

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Volpe Where Are You says:

This guy touched my heart and deserves a medal.

Vision Institute says:

Mario pe pe pe p .

Rohan Sharma says:

Eco friendly rickshaw is running everywhere now in india.

Dipankar Ghosh says:

Spreading happiness

Akash Dutta says:

You have done a great job by giving him 100 rupees

Dipak Ku Das says:

Siliguri is the shittiest place and the people are really trash 😠😠😠😠


Is it Kolkata??
It's my city omg!!!!!
I live near parkstreet….
Where are u now??

Sarmistha 91 says:

It's siliguri in west Bengal not Guwahati( Assam). Completely two different states. Thank you and welcome to siliguri

MD sahil says:

You did a great job. Won my heart. May Allah bless you and Sofie.

Noya Lama says:

Awww this is the first time I'm seeing a vblog on siliguri… People here are not too used to seeing someone vlogging but u did pretty good dude!! This is my daily route to class… Haha love this.. 👍

Maddy King says:

Bro really nice to see u in siliguri welcome hera come to salugara its near siliguri there is like big buddha tample n bungal safer u shoud try it .. bro come i all help u to rome

RED Dmak says:

Sir, you are at my town,
Welcome Sir and enjoy..
Even driver taken too much money, actually ₹10 per person


Even he charged u a bit more
It is ₹10-20 for the trip to ur hotel

rajesh sharma says:

lots of love from siliguri

bikram sarkar says:

I love Siliguri

nikhil bajaj says:

You remind me of mr bald

Kaushik Kushari says:

Proud to be Siligurian ✌😀


What you told prisoner rickshw???
And they aren't eco friendly rickshaw they are Toto or tomtom


This is called Toto in India

Sushmita Tamang says:

He was really fair and honest with you. The rickshaw drivers scam even the citizens of Siliguri but seeing people like him restores my faith in honesty within people.

Raj Prasad says:

Hey are u still in siliguri??even i m from siliguri


This is call TOTO in Siliguri

STAN 46 says:

Welcome to siliguri bro..
Are you still in siliguri???

Ajay Negiii says:

Vope after every 20 seconds: there's no privacy in the rikshaw… 😂

subhadeep banerjee says:

Please make more videos on siliguri.

subhadeep banerjee says:

I am also a subscriber and i am from siliguri…r u guys still here in siliguri??

Amropali Moitra says:

You should visit the Hongkong market in Siliguri…

Anjali Sarkar says:

Ya 😘😘😘😘 I'm from siliguri 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

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