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Sustainability From Your Sofa | Living Off Grid with Maddie Moate | Earth Lab

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Maddie Moate looks at the little things you can do in your everyday life in order to have a more sustainable lifestyle, from growing your own food to create fertiliser with your waste.

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fermin morales says:

Be warned, composting material stinks until after 6-8 weeks 🙂 Either keep your bin in an area where its smell won't be an issue or keep in a tightly-covered plastic bin (I use Ikea's Samla containers with their cover, putting a brick or something on top to weigh the covers down).

Danny Chu says:

:Good day!I love your smile!

Tami B says:

this is a great lifestyle!! Better food and air

Super -sim says:

I amazed any adult does not know about worms and composting when it's the basic cycle of life.

Chris Hartley says:

I would really rethink the slaughter of animals?

William Walter says:

OMG, The last segment with the worms. Did not even talk about harvesting worm tea, and all the benefits. Lucky you just search worm tea in YouTube search if your new to this sort of thing. Cheers,

Simon Shaw says:

Wouldn't kick her out of bed for farting!

CrankyPants says:

Very interesting. Well done, Maddie.

drawingboard82 says:

I have no problem with people growing their own food, making their own stuff etc, but I know from experience that much of what is presented here is misrepresented. I grew up on a smallholding in the west of Ireland in the 1980s and 1990s and my parents were into the same game, growing our own food etc. But I can tell you that it was months of backbreaking work pulling weeds out of the ground in the rain, being eaten by midges, and our harvest would have lasted a couple of months at most. OK, better than nothing, but to my mind hardly worth the input unless you actually enjoy it. Which I didn't. If you want to be fully self sufficient the only option is to live like a medieval serf, because that was the last time the average person was self sufficient. And their life expectancy would have been in the 40s. The division of labour into specialised areas has led to an enormous increase in our ability to produce everything, but the problem is inefficiency and over consumption. There is no one solution to the earths environmental crisis, and if a few people want to grow their own food it wont do any harm. But it wont solve much either. Even if everyone on the planet did their own individual maximum effort at local growing we would not achieve better than 10% reductions in consumption. We need big farms to go fully organic, we need enormous renewable energy projects, we need geo-engineering to combat global warming and above all we need less people so that we consume less as a group.

Andrew S says:

Extremely good episode. Thank you!

jacky says:

Wow! What a lovely house and farm. They are lucky to live there. Because city live is stressful and fast.. I would love to live like this👌👌👌👍.. that's really awesome..

I am a Mo2min says:

I love their life, ….. GOD bless them

Floydarn' says:

This is what a lot of people want but are too scared to do… 🙁
Main issue with this is the amount of money you need to get going!

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