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Sustainable Farm, Cabin style cedar house, 25 ac, Man Cave, She shed, Creek ideas, Prepper property

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Jump on our VIP List – http://BluegrassTeam.com/homefinder – we’ll send you new properties before they hit the market. call Ken 859-494-5521 Sustainable Farm, Cabin style cedar house, 25 ac, Man Cave, She shed, Creek ideas, Prepper property. Hunter’s Paradise in Kentucky – hunt from your backyard. Are you looking for she shed ideas? or she shed plans? I have some great she shed images here.

25+ acres, 1400± sf cedar home 3br, outdoor shower, acres and acres of marketable timber – just 5-6 miles to Historic town of Hustonville, 10 min to Dollar General, 20 min to College Town, Starbucks, TJMaxx, Hobby Lobby, shopping, restaurants, medical, jobs. 1 hr to Lexington, KY.

Hunter’s dream – hunt right out your back yard – mostly all wooded – and PRIVATE. This sustainable farm has Marketable Timber – giving you income from your farm. And isn’t that what you want? Farm income? yup.

Are you looking for sustainable living ideas? with a sustainable house – on a sustainable farm? This might be the place for you to own.

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Here it is – use this is a bug out place, weekend getaway, primary residence – what would YOU use it for? You won’t believe the views.

If you are prepper minded, this is the best of both worlds – the land and the shop are for you – the house will please your spouse (it is really nice).

Here are the details:

1. it has 25 acres

2. it has a metal shop that was turned into a rocking Man Cave or She Shed – with overhead door, a walk door, power and a full-on BAR built already — and a woodstove and sink out there.

3. it has a woodstove – a stove that will heat the whole house and then some. 🙂

4. super low utility bills – $150/mo for electric, $40/mo for water, $1100/yr for taxes

5. Best part is the view and PRIVACY – and you need farm income? This farm has marketable timber!

6. asking only $215k

7. it is just 10 min to Dollar General, 20 min to College Town, Starbucks, TJMaxx, Hobby Lobby, shopping, restaurants, medical, jobs. 1 hr to Lexington, KY.

8. Garden shed, she shed, man cave

Please share with a friend on Facebook – then just call or text me 🙂 Ken 859-494-5521

Do you know how good independence feels? Those who know – surely know. Woodstove, shop, your own land to hunt on – yup —- and close to town.

And you can save even money on your heating bills. Heat with wood (even have it delivered and heat your home for 300 bucks for the whole year). Perfect Prepper property – at the end of a long country lane.

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Brad Simmons says:

Jump on our VIP List – http://BluegrassTeam.com/homefinder – we'll send you new properties before they hit the market.

anna etters says:

Looks like where I'm lucky enough to live. The only thing that I miss are the hills! This is probably the best place you've shown. I love it.

Gammareign says:

The black cat is the cutie.

patrapper7 says:

Is this still available

Paula White says:

Lovely property! We lived in Hawesville, My for two years. Kentucky is so peaceful.

Bumble Bee says:

I Like the Property!!!🌹
House Not So Much……

IrishLincoln says:

((((( Zucchini Bread )))))

Crazy trump And America’s beauty says:

I really respect what you are showing but the money is the big damage for me or I’ll want anything you show it’s incourging man 💯 respect

Amalia De antonis says:

I Love this place

paula null says:

Nice gun safe.  Yes they are on the walls but some must rate a safe.  Hunting on your own property maybe?

Robin Murray says:

Kinda big for me. LOL I just need me a little cabin for a single woman, property for big garden, privacy a must, place for animals and running water.

Richard Quinones says:

Wow Brad just wow love this property☺👍💜

Natures LittleFoot says:

Awesome property! I live in Australia and there is no way in hell you could find something so beautiful & cheap here. I wish I lived over there …😥

Tino Senf says:

I like the man cave really well! But … The decor of the house has no style whatsoever. You can hear the bad acoustics even in the video, because there are no curtains and carpets. The kitchen is also simply built without concept. I write built and not planned, weiul one sees that it was done haphazardly. Are there no kitchen studios in America? And why do not you have any corridors? No anterooms? You're always right in the living room? That's terrible when the insurance salesman is at the front door and sees who allles sits on the couch? And then in the living room 2 doors? Since you have the feeling you are sitting in a walk-through room! How should one relax there? Some talk about planning Feng Shui facilities and such nonsense. But I think, we should not underestimate the subconscious mind when it comes to relax and feel good … If the new owners are interested, I also like to create a new free rough planning for this house! Best regards from Germany!

Christopher Schmidt says:

Maybe 25 acr might be to much work for me I don't know what to do it looks good for a dog??? from christopherschmidt958@gmail.com

David Turney says:

Amazing house looking further south east.

T D says:

Is the "she-shed" a prefab building, or is it a solid wood structure? Thanks! 🙂

v1per187 says:

Drinking game: Take a shot everything you watch these videos and the host gleefully says "CREEK". 🙂

Sho says:

Is it possible to get something like this in upstate NY for a similar price?

Hubetta Lear says:

Too much much for what it is sorry

Douglas Bolton says:

Cedar farm man cave she s(ea)he'd plenty roomy

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