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Sustainable Living Awareness Theme : Oils by Dr Nikhil Mehta

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Less consumption, consumption of incorrect oil over the period of years could cause more than 20 health issues.

Consuming correct oils with awareness can avoid these issues.
• OILS are very important for the health of bones, joints, muscles, nerves, skin & brain
• All oils are cholesterol free as plants cannot produce cholesterol. (only animal products such as meat & dairy have cholesterol)
• The oils which have high saturated fats are not good for health as the body converts saturated fats into cholesterol. For example coconut oil & palm oil
•Oils with high poly unsaturated fats are not good for health as they have high omega 6 fatty acid. E.g. sunflower oil, safflower oil (kardai), soyabin oil & corn oil
•The oils which have less saturated fats & moderate amount of omega 6 are more healthy oils. E.g. sesame oil, mustard oil, groundnut oil & olive oil


Preeti Jain says:

Thanks a lot Nikhil Sir for excellent information. You spent so much time in clarifying all the information and myths about oils. I have 2 questions about 2 things shared in your video. Should I post them here or is there any contact email/phone where I can clarify. I live in US.

Sunil Poddar says:

Very informative….
Looking forward to your next session!

Saaniya Poddar says:

Very nice info. Thanks a lot.

Aditi Jaiswal says:

Very informative, thanks Dr Mehta for giving us an insight about different types of oils and their effects.

Anshuman Hazarika says:

The session was a revision. Your inputs have really helped us

whitedaisies28 says:

Very informative….
Looking forward to your next session!

chetana savithri says:

Thank you Dr. Nikhil Mehta for this informative session on edible oils. Clears many of my doubts on oil

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