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Sustainable Living + Earth Bag Home In Ghana

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Brandon Rogers is the builder of the home in this video and the founder of MIGRATING CULTURE, an African/American design campaign established in 2006 with key projects in Ghana- West Africa. You can check out his website at https://migratingculture.org

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Yankee Level says:


saudia spratt says:

beautiful home cant wait to see y'all. A truck is definitely needed.

waterlafee Clarke says:

Hey brother Peace & Love:
I read that you can only lease land in Ghana for 50 years and then it return to original ancient hands. So how is this your land? No disrespect, just trying to understand.

Hodaya Yahshar says:

He is a genius. What insight!!! I luv it

Afrikan King says:

Very educational I learn a lot from this.

samuel williams says:

one of your best videos. but for an IT guy he should have a better DIY solar storage. All that wind he should have a wind power generator. He needs a dog. love video.

Linnie210 says:

Can he provide us with the details of the real estate agent and the attorney, please?

Vengesai Muyambo says:

The house is beautiful.the kitchen and bedroom massive …l love it

Mjenzi64 says:

Another super video, guys. Great information from this intelligent and practical Brother, Eric. The naturalist philosophy is best, also.

Ajoda Ajoda says:

Please which side of Ghana is this place?

Sammie Bright says:

Tell him to use diatomaceous earth for an organic pesticide. It's so good for you that you can take the food grade version as a supplement.

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