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Sustainable Living Expedition with Upward Spirals in Costa Rica

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Check out www.SustainableLivingExpedition.com for upcoming dates, pictures, descriptions, program itinerary and reviews!

Join Upward Spirals and an incredible network of sustainability leaders and regenerative lifestyle experts on a week-long educational adventure around Costa Rica.

The mission of the Sustainable Living Expedition is to co-create a regenerative culture, by empowering people through transformative experiential education, to explore, design and successfully create more enriching, sustainable lifestyles that support and regenerate local communities and ecosystems for the betterment of all life.

Thank you to all the inspiring pioneers and leaders who made the most recent Sustainable Living Expedition possible:

Community Carbon Trees – www.communitycarbontrees.org
Diamante Solution Center – www.diamantecenter.com
Estrella Azul – www.estrellaazulschool.com
Fuente Verde – www.fuenteverdecommunity.org
Humans Unifying Global Solutions (HUGS) – www.hugs.world
M & B Organico – www.facebook.com/mborganico
Regenesis2020 – www.regenesis2020.weebly.com
Rusty’s Cafe – www.facebook.com/RustyCafeCR
Somertime Inn – www.somertimeinn.com
Upward Spirals – www.upwardspirals.net
Veganissimo – www.facebook.com/pauloparischavez
Vida Autentica – www.vidaautentica.org
Viva La Raw – www.vivalaraw.org

Thank you HUGS for making this incredible video!


Steve Orth says:

Beautiful! Thank you for sharing. Infinite Blessings to you all….

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