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Sustainable Living House – Beautiful Modern House features Solar Energy for Heating and Cooling

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http://goo.gl/ZB6FdS Sustainable Living House – While it boasts 4,012 square feet (372 sq m) of space the house was designed to be sustainable, energy-efficient, and maintenance-free. It is located in Mill Valley, California. And its interior design is flexible due to a growing family. Three out of five bedrooms in the house can make a master bedroom, a family room, or a home office depending on the residents’ needs.

Using solar energy for heating and cooling the house features numerous large windows. While they are enhancing natural lighting, it is complemented with LED lights. No less numerous are the outdoor areas. There is a lounging area on every level of the house, offering amazing views of the surrounding trees and greenery.

Maximizing storage space in every room from kitchen to bedroom made for a very clean look. In the living room a floor-to-ceiling open bookshelf could house an entire library. In addition the house also boasts a wine storage room with a glass door.

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