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Sustainable Living – Hut of Reeds

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The Arbore live in Southern Ethiopia and have developed a technique of building large houses from natural materials. See more at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCr4AhknGUXAfGikkwm5kamg and http://www.nomads.org


Lolong Ganda says:

Were tose tin cans used as accessory ?

Ngachuro Esekon says:

This is what we like to see. Men and women working together. Where is that asian man. Slaving his wife away, he needs to see how the african people work together. ❤️

Elizabeth Leverence says:

Fascinating work, I think that such a house could be built by someone who needed a shelter during the winter if built right.

Eyl says:

these are undeveloped Ethiopian who do not wear clothes in 21 century

4evr InStone says:

Thank-you to the Arbore for sharing with us

Sidilicious says:

Fascinating. Beautiful.

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