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Sustainable Living – Off-Grid in Romania

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How to live sustainably? A short documentary about Alex, who lives off-grid in a cob house in Romania. Here is what happened when I decided to live in wild.

This was an adventure I will never forget. Did you know what living off-grid meant before this video? And would you live in the nature like that? Do you have any other sustainability tips you’d like to share?

Alex Tiny Cob House in Romania: https://www.airbnb.co.uk/rooms/28548679
Alex’ channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8IYvFU7rdAGbKvoE5gRMEw

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I hope this video inspired you. This is something incredibly close to my heart. What are you doing to live more sustainable and what did you think of the dry toilet? 😀 Comment below.

x Sandy

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Samantha Hardy says:

I am hoping to travel to Romania next year with my Romanian other half. It's going to be my first time ever out of the U.K. but really looking forward to it, especially after watching your video.

R Pp says:

Lovely video,congratulations to Alex😊I never thought that you can eat Alfalfa(lucerne), i need to try it.

rechinu25 says:

Loved it. I hope you return to Romania for some more awesome experiences!

lusty laws says:

Fantastic video Xx

Stanciu Bogdan says:

The root vegetable from 10:15 is celery root(apio root). And yeah,nice video.

Jim Brenn says:

Wow awesome video. Great presentation

brisu cata says:

I think you met your husband.

Tudor Verde says:

Hello Sandy, this is a very inspiring video for me because I live in Romania and I want to follow the same route as Alex. How can I contact Alex? I would like to meet him in person. Thank you!

Take Me Back To 80s says:

this video just made me happy. Pure happiness. Hope you had a great time!💓

Alice Wilde says:

I found this video very relaxing

Marius Bertt says:

Wow, amazing !

Marius Bertt says:

Wow, amazing !

Rik Spilz says:

What happens in winter when presumably the water for the shower is ice cold? Do you not shower for months or is it a case of brace yourself?!

Rik Spilz says:

What you do with your life is very impressive, it has to be said!

viorel maxim crăciunescu says:

This is like a fairy tail OMG!!!!

viorel maxim crăciunescu says:

Wonderful video!

Тамара Александровна says:

You've warmed my heart with this video))

Catherine Lam says:

What an awesome travel video ever! Sandy u just shows us how stunning the mother nature is. Thanks.

Stephen Barnard says:

Hi Sandy, for me your documentary video skills are superb, waking up in the morning in such an incredibly peaceful place must have been wonderful, the food looked delicious and this is certainly a hands on self sustainable experience, total respect and admiration for Alex
and you Sandy should work for the BBC. You made the right choice missing Notting Hill Carnival for Romania.

Bobbi Lynn Smith says:

You had an amazing adventure and I think it's one of your best videos. It's good to remind us to live more simple and consume less in our lives. Thanks for sharing and I look forward to your next trip!

srspower says:

You didn't need to go to Romania to experience this, try just leaving London for an hour or so. Shit you could just go to Surrey.

Wombling Wurzel says:

What an inspiring video Sandy. Makes you want to do more. The problem with me is that foraging for food I would probably pick something and become ill or worse. I couldn't live very isolated though I like things going on even if I'm not the biggest people person. And in a city of 9 million there is only one Sandy. Plus I found something for you to do – The Georgian Dining Academy. http://www.georgiandiningacademy.com/ could be a unique experience for you to post of things to do in London.

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