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Sustainable School Supplies Haul | Eco Friendly

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Hey everyone! Today I will be showing you my eco-friendly, sustainable school supply haul for 2019. Don’t forget to subscribe!


Hey Shae says:

Sorry for the early back to school stuff lol. I hope you enjoy this video! Even small changes can make a huge impact on the environment. 🙂

PandaPlaysRoblox Sarah says:

There’s a bacteria in the beach for all the plastic being throne and if u get cut the bacteria enters in that and starts eating ur meat so make sure when ur going to the beach u don’t have any bloody cuts

Savannah German says:

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO yay! I’m always trying to get my friends to do this stuff! Thank you! You might toot know, but by making this stuff, YOU are changing our wonderful world!

Snowflakerockyriver1 Ajpw says:

Hello great back to school haul

I like to pretend this is my cats gmail Boo says:

Save the turtles

Julia Balgame says:

Gurrrl! Keep up the good work. Also, by the way. I love you! ♥

Dina Klimochkin says:

I really want to try this out this year

Free Man says:

Its so nice to see a teen online that isnt twerking or cussing out their parents. Dignified and fun!

Neil Tovey says:

good job! i really hate plastic and was raised in an eco -friendly home. i'm so happy that you made this! right now i'm campaigning animal rights, since where i live, people poison dogs and abandon their cats.

C,A SHOWS says:

GREAT Back to School haul

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