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The benefits of simple sustainable living and how less is more

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Quinn Eaker is the founder of the most sustainable organization in the entire state and likely the country. www.intothegardenofeden.com The reason for this is the negative zero carbon footprint that is achieved is unheard of.
Just to put it in perspective a tribe in the Amazon who has never had contact with civilization and uses no “technology” is at best zero carbon footprint. Almost every creature on earth is at a zero carbon footprint except for humans who are unmeasurably unsustainable and destroying the environment everywhere they go.
The Garden of Eden has achieved this by consuming and using trash resources. So everything used is being saved from the landfill, which is already a negative carbon footprint action but then it is being repurposed as food or as living space or other essentials for human life. Thus even what is consumed is actually the act of NOT consuming but adding to the richness of the environment. The GoE saved 350,000 lbs of trash from the landfill in just one year.
The Garden of Eden fed 40,000 free meals just last year and while there are other organization that feed more “Free meals” they do with with MANY times more money and WAY more carbon footprint.


Todd McB says:

damn this guy is so awesome. he is cooler than highly materialistic meatheads.

christina lane says:

I kept wondering what that was sitting on your crotch and couldn't focus on much more than than that, even after you ate the crotch candy…you say tomato I say…Crotch Candy!!!😂😂😂
Love you Quinny Pooh💜💜💜

Chris Stokes says:

New subscriber here. I work in Arlington, ( I drive a trash truck at uta) I go to the landfill quite often, and see the enormity of trash that goes there. While it is maintained, it is literally several mountains of trash that grows every day. I commend you for what you are doing. Thank you for sharing what the GoE does. Up-cycling, self-sustaining, less is more, repairs the earth, and the mind body and soul.

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